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  1. aweomeness96


    So first off, I haven't been on KH in a long time because I haven't even played Re:Coded or DDD (as I don't have a 3ds) so I avoided coming here to avoid spoilers. Unfortunately, as it's been a long time that the game has been out, I did learn the ending to DDD so that doesn't matter now...
  2. aweomeness96

    Lea Retaining Axel's Memories?

    Alright, we all know that Nobodies keep their memories from when they are humans, but does that mean it can work the other way around? Because by now, we know that Axel is gone and is going to come back as Lea soon, if his heartless was destroyed at least. If not, then that means that If he...
  3. aweomeness96

    NEW Theory on BBS:FM Secret Episode

    Ok guys, here comes ANOTHER theory about the Secret Episode, but, mine's different than the ones I have seen. I actually haven't done any research as of yet, but I think I know enough to where I can have this make sense. My theory is this: We all know Nomura has stated that the Secret Episode...
  4. aweomeness96

    Roxas' Awakening

    In the beginning of the two kingdom hearts games, there was an Awakening. What I dont get is why Roxas had one in the beginning. I know it was to show people how to play the game, but i think it could easily be a plot hole, because u only have one the before u get/awaken ur keyblade, and since...
  5. aweomeness96

    Free Desktop Wallpapers!

    alright everyone, ive downloaded a program similar to photoshop, and i have learned to use it. so i am gonna make free desktop wallpapers for anyone. say the theme, and pm me your email and ill email it to you. if you want to check out one i already made, heres the link...
  6. aweomeness96

    Custom Keyblades?

    Looking at the different kind of keyblades that TAV have, I've noticed that they have "custom" keyblades: Terra has the big, bulky keyblade that will HURT when he puts his strength into it. Ven has the very long but thin and his is made to be held backwards for speed. Aqua's is a little bit...
  7. aweomeness96

    KH 3D! wat its about! (theory)

    I was looking on kingdomhearts.wikia.com, and found an article about coded, and while i started reading it, i saw something interesting: While organizing the records in Jiminy's journal from his travels with Sora and his friends, Jiminy Cricket's curiosity about the line "Thank Naminé" results...
  8. aweomeness96

    Vanitas unmasked!?!?!?!? SPOILER (obviously)

    ok so i was searching bbs on youtube (like the true kh nerd that i am) and saw this: YouTube - Ventus vs. Vanitas Unmasked and this: YouTube - Vanitas's Face so i wanted to know, is that real? like emo sora? and has the japanese version already come out? (been playing assassin's creed, mw2...
  9. aweomeness96


    Hey guys. Once again I haven't been on khinsider in a while so I need some help catching up... I don't know anything any more! Like after reading a couple of posts, I have seen acronyms or watever they're called that I've never heard of and I don't know wut it means! Like RoS for instance...
  10. aweomeness96


    Ok... We all know how TAV now has keychains on their keyblades, but does that mean that in the "mystery game" will we be able to have them as keyblades, as u only need a keychain to change a keyblade? no flaming plz, just an honest question...
  11. aweomeness96

    New Vanitas/Ven theory/ Xehanort

    Ok, everyone knows Vens "famous" phrase: "Erase me." right? Well i had a thought on ven and vanitas. Alot of you have probably seen some theories saying ven is vanitas' replica. I'm going with that, but with a new twist. Basically my theory is this: Ven finds out that he...
  12. aweomeness96

    Aqua-More important than we think?

    Ok, so we know that Terra and Ven have thier own little sayings... When you think of terra, the first thing u hear is "I dont care about becoming master, I use this power for my friends!" and when u think of Ven u hear "Erase me." Now to my point. Aqua has no quote, why? Is she more important...
  13. aweomeness96

    Mature too fast?

    During the span of a year, Sora, Goofy, and Donald were in those pods right? Well what i wanna know is why Riku and Kairi look so much different while Sora doesnt. Does those pods mess with him or what? Riku looks so tiny at the end of CoM. So does Kairi at the end of KH1. and then, all of a...
  14. aweomeness96

    Xemnas-Bad or Good

    ok, correct me if im wrong, but Xemnas only wants kingdom heartws so he can get a heart right? so that doesnt really count as being bad or wrong... does it? i havent played kh2 for a long time, so please just help me refresh my memory.
  15. aweomeness96


    ok, well everyone thinks that Terra+MX=XH,right? well, i thought something different... u know how MTAV is never seen after BBS? well i thought that since he kinda looks like XH, and what i said b4, him plus mx could equal xehanort.... confused? im kinda too. Here r some reasons: 1.he looks...
  16. aweomeness96


    Look, I'm not sure if this has been said why, but why can Roxas cry? For those of you who havent played days, im sorry, but this isnt really a spoiler... but really, why? it shows roxas crying a couple times... explain plz.
  17. aweomeness96

    Ven, Aqua and Terra's Master?

    ok, guys, im not sure if there is a post about this, but i had an idea of who VATs master is. i think its Yen Sid, because there are a couple, um, theory facts kinda- 1. it never shows the master, so they want it to be a surprise 2. Yen Sid is mickey's master, and mickey goes to save ven, so...
  18. aweomeness96

    org XIII names

    did u guys ever notice that all of the org mems have an X in an acronym(?) of their somebodys names? Ex. 1. Roxas-Sora 2. Xigbar-Braig 3. Ansem-Xemnas havent u guys ever wondered that? if u guys have an explanation, plz tell me! i really wanna know. like is it just nomura doing something...
  19. aweomeness96

    nobodys- things im not sure

    first, i wasnt sure where to put this, but days is all about nobodys so here it is... 1.nobodys dont need to eat, do they? i mean if they didnt, then wouldnt roxas know there was something wrong becuase in the virtual twilight town roxas's friends would be hungry and he would never be... which...
  20. aweomeness96

    ultimate final mix?

    wouldnt it be cool if there was an ultimate final mix of kh? think about it- there could be all the games packed into one! and for different consoles so u dont have to buy another one! the timeline could go like this: kh1,Re:com,kh2,coded,days,bbs! it would be awesome! u could go from one game...