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    Have You Ever Wondered...

    Why in some disney movies (sometimes) the main character only has one parent or that another parent died or left...or also that the main character is an orphan. What is the significance behind this? Maybe there isnt really one at all but, I just wanted to know everyones input on this. Oh yeah...
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    Mother's Day!

    Hey Mother's Day is coming up so, I just wanted to know what kinds of gifts everyone is getting their mothers. For me i think since mu mom likes mickey mouse im getting her a mickey mouse watch!
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    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!

    hey! I just wanted to know if there's anyone else who watches this cartoon show! I do, and I love it! Its got some crude humor that the little ones don't get.
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    OMGSH! do you guys think Hercules the liger(a breed between a lion and a tiger) is real??? well i found some pictures of him...i wonder if he is really REAL or is it something people put out there to amaze people??? other links: http://www.fahadinc.com/Blog_Pics/liger.jpg
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    I wanna know what you guys is the funniest joke ever...in my second period we always have a fight about the best jokes soo...i wanna read some good jokes!!!:D
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    KH1 ost vs KH2 ost

    :p HEY people!..muahahahaha....i wanna knoe...which one you guys think is better...KH1 ost or KH2 ost...?... i think KH2 ost is better... (if theres already a thread or poll just like this one sorry)