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    Identifying Ansem, Xenmas, And Xehanort!!!

    This thread, I hope, will allow people to investigate and identify who ANsem, Xenmas, and Xehanort REALLY are. Because everyone believes they know at least one person who has beat the game yet for some odd reason won't tell about the story, and they assume that THEY REALLY know which is which...
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    Nomura did do more than just FF and KH ya know

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetsuya_Nomura THere is proof that Brave Fencer Musashi is one of Nomura's characters and it is very possible that he can be in the next Kingdom Hearts game. So could a character from The Bouncer, after all the main character from the bouncer was one of the...
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    Nomuras other children

    We all know that there will be many Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts 2. We also know that there weren't any FF9 characters in the first KH. However, in an interview Nomura HINTED that there may be other characters that possibly may not have been created by him. I just really hope that...
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    I want proof!

    I WANT PROOF THAT THE BHK WILL BE PLAYABLE. I have been keeping a very close eye on the upcoming game. If you can find me a real Nomura interview or somebody from Square Enix who said BHK will be polayable...let me know. Show me some hard evidence AND NOT ANOTHER LINK TO ANOTHER FORUM. Also...
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    Steamboat Willy confirmed from pretty reliable source

    I know not to trust any game mag to a full extent JUST after E3. But EGM has said that Steam Boat Willy will be in Kingdom Hearts 2. It's in the August 2005 issue. What do you think?
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    world idea that havent been repeated!!

    A lot of people are posting what worlds they want to see in KH2 and that's fine. So I want to write mine. HOWEVER, I am not gonan post the same ideas everyone says like"...oh...i want ..lilio ad stitch" These ideas actually have potential to them. Here it goes: I would love to see a Hunback of...
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    Jungle-Beast and Belle

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    Under the hood

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    Sick of the same theories?How about some more original ones?

    Okay I am way too tired so I am going to post some new theory ideas for the game that have been developing in my head for a while. Obviously clothes is a big KH2 issue. And there's a new merging techniquein the game. When Sora merges with Goofy, he gets a new costume. So how come nobody...