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    Cerebus V.S GroundShaker

    The Pet Of hades Or The heartless That Ruled Pride Lands.. Which One Was Better ? And Why
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    Erm ...

    I Restarted My Game And Im At My Second Visit To Twilight Town As Sora And Saix Just Said too Me .. "Axel Will Stop At Nothing To Turn You Into a Heartless" Does This mean Axel Is Trying To Also Make Another Roxas?? :confused:
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    What Happned..

    To Organisation 13's Castle In TWTNW .. Im Sligtly Confused On That ..
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    Demyx ...

    Why In The World Would They Give Demyx A Sitar As A Weapon :closedeyes:
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    The Note

    So Yeah I Was Wondering What ... Any THoughts ?
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    The Door On Destiny Islands

    Not Sudre Which Forum To Post This In But.. What Ever Happned To That Door on Destiny Islands In The Secret Hidewaway ?
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    Anyone For Dragonball Z

    Anyone Still Really Watch this.. I Watch It On Youtube =] As I Just Love It Android 17+18 Ruleee :thumbsup:
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    Here Is A Theory Im Trying To Develop.. The Mansion In Twilight Town I Belive This To Bee Another Version Of Castle Oblvion Because Of The pod Room Where Sora Was Asleep This Was Ment To Be In Castle Oblivion But It Was In The Mansion In Twilight Town.. Also It Is The Portal To TWTNW Which...