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    Kairi/Namine Thought

    A thought just recently came to me. When Kairi loses her heart in KH1 it is kept safely inside of Sora, we all know this. We frequantly see Kairi's heartless shell of a body throughout the last few worlds of the game. Now In Hollow Bastion Sora releases Kairi's Heart using the Keyblade that...
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    Zexion's grave.

    For those of you that thought Zexion was dead I have to bring something to your attention. If you closely look at Zexion's grave during gamplay you will notice floating above it wich is a mix of blue and red. This makes me think Zexion is not completly destroyed. sorry if this has been poted...
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    all order boss fights here!

    this link will take you to my playlist wich featurs all the fights against orginizaton XII. So grab a soft drink, prepare some popcorn, and sit back and enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=mQgT0vj3QYM&feature=PlayList&p=41EA5F1AF08928B0 sorry if this has already been posted.
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    Can sum1 plz post All the KH2 Ansem and Fake Ansem reports here.

    Could sum1 post ALl the Kh2 Ansem Reports here both Fake and Real. Plz and Thnx.
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    other squere charecters.

    would you guys ever like to see some squere charecters besides FF ones. ( dont get me wrong I love FF but think of Serge, Kid, Glen< and Lynx from Chrono Cross, or caim from dreakan gaurd. I dont know about you guys but I would like to see some of them in their.
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    can sum 1 plz help me out i want a cool sig so bad and looking at evry one elses makes me so jealouse! Please give me an answer!
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    Great new awsome KH2 theory! READ READ!!! could be huge SPOILERS!!!

    Okay every one ever since Xaldins release of that awsome new information on Ansem, Diz, and EM I have came up with a new great theory! Here it is, enjoy: First I will recap the Info on Ansem, Xehanort, Diz, Xenmas, and EM. Diz - Is the true Ansem and ruler of Hollow bastion. The one who...
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    Soul Mate.

    well you see i have been asked out many times but no girl realy seems to be the right one ( except 1 but sum loser beat me to the punch!) I want a girl that i can have a close bond with like Sora and Kairi. So if their are any girls that are looking then please tell me. And i do NOT like...
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    Fav KH charecters.

    Just wandering who every ones fave KH charecter was. In my opinion Axel s the best.
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    THEORY: Roxas being used by The Order..

    I just came up with a theory what if the Org. has convinced Roxas to join the order becuz if tey are trying to get into KH to obtain there own hearts than don't they need some one with a keyblade to help them open the way to Kh.
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    Ansem and heartless.

    Ok i have read a stupid comment about Ansem and the heartless on a thread here it is. Ansem created the heartless. (or something like that) now Ansem did not create the heartless he discovered them under the castle of Hollow Bastion. Sur he created artificial heartless but the true heartless...
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    Orders motives?

    I was just reading over the latest jump festa 2006 info and when Sora asks Xaldin "What are your plans?" He answer "Kingdom Hearts,once we obtain Kingdom Hearts we will become complete beings." Since the order are shells or NEOS (meaning they do NOT have hearts) this leads me to believe that...
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    how do u get images in ur signature?

    can some one please explain how to get images into ur signature.
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    who is your fave COM unknown.

    just wandering who the most popular member of the organization is.
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    how do u paste pics?

    how do u paste pics onto ur signature!?!