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  1. Neku's nobody

    Triple Triad Help!

    For some reason when I lose it says I lose just one card. But I end up losing them all. And Also when It ends in a draw I end up with no cards either. So whats happenin?
  2. Neku's nobody

    So how did they make a second one?

    This thought just popped up in my head a minute ago. How was the organization able to redirect all the hearts captured in kingdom hearts II towards a second kingdom hearts? Shouldn't it all have gone to the original one. Or was it because the door to kingdom hearts was closed in the first game?
  3. Neku's nobody

    Fanfiction ► The colors of Betwix. (First Fan-fic)

    I was a member of the forums about 1 year ago in order to obtain alot of info on BBS. Now im back. I wanted to post this cause its really been picking at me and I want to share it with others. It is set 100 years before the formation of Radiant Garden, before the war of the light creates the...
  4. Neku's nobody

    What if...

    I write when I need to let loose because I find it as a way to vent my self even if I had a great day. I wrote this one when I realized that my crush never really would see me as an option ---------- A dark haired dream came out from my mind and into the real world she had grace in the...
  5. Neku's nobody

    Why did kairi...

    I was playing over KH1 the other day and when i got to never land it suddenly hit me that kairi even though she did make a nobody she never actually turn into a hearless, she just remained an empty vessel, why?
  6. Neku's nobody

    Why did all the worlds repear in KH2?

    The reason I put this in the KH1 area is because it has to do something with the final world in the game. As everibody who has played the game, they know the world of the heartles is actually A HEARTLESS ITSELF! I just put that because it was funny to be a little dramatic. when you beat Ansem...
  7. Neku's nobody

    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    Just thinkin alaud out here. if you think about it the goals for the organization werent that evil. Of course they did cuestionable stuff by turning people into heartless but if they just waited for Sora to finish kingdom hearts do you really think it would be worth stopping them?
  8. Neku's nobody

    Why forget Sora? (Days Spoilers)

    Hey everybody. just wondering if you could answer my cuestion because im still scratchin my head over why every body else forgot sora in KH2. does it have to do something with Namine's conmrol over sora's memories or Xion dieying and everybody forgeting her and also forgetting sora because Xion...
  9. Neku's nobody

    The keychains pourpose.

    Hello. this is my first theory so please bear with me and if you feel the need to corect me by all means do it. As whe have all learend from kingdom hearts games, memories are what make up the heart. a heart without memories is incomplete (at least that is what I understand). Keychains are...
  10. Neku's nobody

    What is your weapon of choice?

    I was thinkin the other day during class about what cool weapons I would use in case something RPG style realy happened so here are my choices of my favorite weapons of all time (most of them are from square-enix games) so tell me which one of these would you use: 1)Cloud's Buster Sword...