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  1. Pandymint

    Finding a New Way to Enjoy Kingdom Hearts in 2021

    Gonna preface this by saying: good god I haven't been here in years and the days I was feels like a lifetime ago even if it was only 5 years. I don't know why I came back, maybe boredom on this particular day, but what can you do. Thought I'd share this. As title implies I've been a fan of...
  2. Pandymint

    We Have to Do Better

    I mean, yeah, same. However, sometimes you just can't ignore and stay quiet, just gotta call it out.
  3. Pandymint

    Falling in and out of love with Kingdom Hearts in a post-KH3 world

    I've been playing Kingdom Hearts since the first time I rented the game at a Blockbuster back in 2002/2003, whenever it came out originally. I held fast at loving the games, then fell off the wagon for a bit after Birth By Sleep because I didn't own a 3DS so I couldn't have gotten DDD to keep...
  4. Pandymint

    Kingdom Hearts Class Rosters

    Friendly and gets along with everyone Falls asleep during class sometimes, but friends help him out so he doesn't miss anything too important Makes plans to go out with friends but ends up falling asleep on the couch How does he manage to get so much sleep as a college student? No idea where...
  5. Pandymint

    We Have to Do Better

    I appreciate the frankness of the post, honestly. Sometimes it's best to just not sugarcoat things and just tell it how it is. I'm another person who just drifted away from the forum and only just made posts again. It happened naturally over time, and anytime I looked back it just.. wasn't...
  6. Pandymint

    Yesterday was not okay

    First of all: It was a question, not an attack. Believe me, you'd know the difference. Second of all: That wasn't me. That was Noir. And as someone who knows Noir I'mma let you in on a little secret: He's a ginger.
  7. Pandymint

    Yesterday was not okay

    Wait excuse me? No one was arguing in the thread anymore because Ethy already said it was going to be locked so it didn't matter. How dense are you.
  8. Pandymint

    Yesterday was not okay

    Ah, so you the type to air your dirty laundry in public, aye?
  9. Pandymint

    Yesterday was not okay

    I agree with Muke on this. I don't mean to sound like an ass or try to invalidate any feelings or experiences, but if you had that much of a problem with it, it should've been dealt with privately instead of making a thread whose purpose seems to be solely to call her out.
  10. Pandymint

    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    Well that certainly escalated. I don't have enough tea in my possession for that long of a sip.
  11. Pandymint

    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    Can I just ask why people are complaining about the skin color of a fishgirl? Now I admit, it's been probably more than 10 years since I've seen The Little Mermaid, but I don't recall her skin having absolutely any bearing on the story or her character. It's just a meaningless aesthetic. Also...
  12. Pandymint

    Everyone's favorite and least favorite Disney Worlds in KHII?

    KH1 Favorite: Wonderland Least Favorite: Atlantica KH2 Favorite: Olympus Coliseum Least Favorite: Atlantica BBS Favorite: Never Land Least Favorite: Olympus Coliseum DDD Favorite: Symohony of Sorcery Leasr Favorite: All of the rest.
  13. Pandymint

    Subtle difference I noticed.

    I mean it's a damn sight better than saying Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 ReMix or whatever the proper name actually is. Yeah that definitely seems to be what it is. Still a shame, though. THat being said, I feel like it has taken to 60fps much better than 3D did.
  14. Pandymint

    Subtle difference I noticed.

    Yeah it's super weird and unexpected. But I highly doubt going staff and shield for the first time changed the game that much for me. I did it so much, I know how that fight should feel. It definitely got altered a bit.
  15. Pandymint

    Subtle difference I noticed.

    If there's a thread for this or it had been mentioned, I apologize. Started up KH1 on the 4.0 collection and I get to free reign over Destiny Islands and go to Wakka to start my levelleing tradition. Generally never leave until around level 15. But.... it's different. His blitzball throws...
  16. Pandymint

    Bloodborne: The Deconstruction of Souls

    Before we really get started here, I want to briefly talk about one of my favorite animated series: Neon Genesis Evangelion. First airing in Japan during the mid 90's before coming to America in the early 2000's. Spanning a twenty-six episode series, an OVA, a fourteen volume manga run, five...
  17. Pandymint

    How often do you remember your dreams?

    Simple as that. Up until the last 3 years now, I almost never would remember a dream. Since then, I've remembered a handful and in the last six months I've remembered a lot. So what about you guys? Do you never remember or always remember? As a secondary: How normal or weird are they? I...
  18. Pandymint

    KH 3D HD has no downsampling. Let's change that.

    Don't mean to be a downer, but I don't see the big deal if it doesn't output at 4k natively. I'm perfectly happy with a 1080p tv and an OG PS4. I'll be honest, I think 4k is really really dumb. Unless you blow the image up massively, your eye will never and I mean never be able to tell a...
  19. Pandymint

    What was the first thing you ever drew and were proud of?

    I quite recently just came across a picture of a drawing I did now four years ago, and it was the first time I drew something entirely freehand and felt actually proud of myself. Especially since I hadn't drawn anything in maybe ten years. Behold the majesty. (kidding) So what...
  20. Pandymint

    News ► Version 1.02 Patch released for KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2

    I can't speak for delays or anything with the cartwheel and barrier, because personally I didn't notice that much of an issue with them. When I do my second playthrough, I'll have to pay attention to those. That being said what I did absolutely notice was a delay with shortcuts. There were...