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  1. Sunshine

    Why Xehanort is back to his normal self in 3d and not in Terra's body theory

    In response to Anagram. (I messed up on this post somehow) YES. It'd be great to find Terra 'reformed' or whatever at the Keyblade Graveyard. I mean that's where MX first snatched his body and heart right?
  2. Sunshine

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMIX Images and Info from 4Gamer!

    .....Oh. Ah man, I was really looking forward to playing Days in HD.
  3. Sunshine

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMIX Images and Info from 4Gamer!

    (I really need to get on here more!!) Quick Question: Will Days be playable or just a big globe of HD cutscenes? Im just making sure.
  4. Sunshine

    News ► Tetsuya Nomura Interview + HD Screenshots!

    Great. It's in Japanese. What was the point??? ;[ ?!!?
  5. Sunshine

    New Famitsu Scan + Ending Info!

    Alternate Shocker Ending 4. I died. XD
  6. Sunshine

    Dream Drop Distances' ending/ final bosses and why

    This is Sora's story. Hmm. Vanitas would probably be a boss. Or have Kairi turn into a evil jerk and have Sora and Riku defeat/kill her. Raaah.
  7. Sunshine

    New BBSFM Secret Episode scan.

    -appears- Hmm. Couldn't be the first heartless to be ever created. MX spawned heartless back then to screw with Ven remember? I think it's just a manifestation of the dark realm. Hm..
  8. Sunshine

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS at Nintendo World 2011

    They shouldn't reveal anything. ;x
  9. Sunshine

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Yeah, think I'm starting to like Sora becoming MF, or Sora turning evil. This indeed. New Mission: Do not watch any trailers!! ;D
  10. Sunshine

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Why do I feel it's an older Ventus..?
  11. Sunshine

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) Aqua needs more emotion, she's sounds a bit too casual and fair but she did alright. Everyone else fantastic, and Hayley pulls off Vanitas! s1eyeballs
  12. Sunshine

    Ven's Heart

    Ven still needs Vanitas??
  13. Sunshine

    Soul Eater vs. Way To The Dawn

    Soul Eater is just plain bad@ss, yet Way to the Dawn DEFINES Riku..
  14. Sunshine

    [bbs]Donald and Goofy D-Link [NEW SCAN]

    @rac7d: I totally see your point, and yeah Donald's useful for ONLY healing. I'd rather eat glass then to hear his retarded screams. Eric: And that is the reason why I'm hyped to play as Aqua! *w*
  15. Sunshine

    [bbs]Donald and Goofy D-Link [NEW SCAN]

    Goofy is really the only useful teammate in KH. Knocksmash FTW.
  16. Sunshine

    The 3 charms

    Actually, it's just the symbol of their badges that they wear on their outfits! But they are similar to them, but not the Unversed Symbol.
  17. Sunshine

    Vanitas is Kairi's Grandmother.

    When I first saw the title I went,"Not Again..." But now reading the whole thing, I support it!
  18. Sunshine


    Bet you he looks like Terra. ;l
  19. Sunshine

    Vanitas Theory

    A thought fly across my mind. Did anyone try to get any anagrams from Vanitas? Idk, might lead to something?