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    What's this skill?

    Self explanatory, can't find what this skill is anywhere.
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    RNG Difference between Jap + NA

    Can we just talk about how ridiculously shit the RNG is on NA? Every time I guilt something on there I've never had higher than 21% first go, subsequent attempts have been barely better. That's not all though, lets compare my top three rows of medal between the two, I've played NA for 138 days...
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    1 shot at Daily Sweet Deal (+3 CIDs) or 2 shots at FF+KH deal?

    So, obviously we all got 3000 free jewels today, pretty decent. Trying to decide which would be the better option, only got 19 hours or so to decide. I'm not really desperate for the Cid's but I do use more of the KH and FF medals than the disney characters. I'm nearing the end of the current...
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    Some guidance? UPDATED

    hey, so, I haven't been playing for very long, just over a week, I've literally just passed level 200 so I have the capability to guilt now. Basically I'm a bit stuck, I open a 600 pack every day but the last few have been pretty shitty to be honest, I don't know which medals to keep, which to...
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    3000 or 600 Jewel Packs, which is more worth it?

    So, so far from the 600 Jewel packs where you get 3 medals, I've had a 5* KH Cloud, 5* Master Form Sora, 5* Sora Ver A, and a 4* Reverse Hag. The rest have just been medals I've used as upgrades, but I've nearly got enough for a 3000 Jewel pack at the moment, I'm just wondering if I'm going to...
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    Sunrise/Sunset Photographs

    Well i already posted a thread to show off my photography but i wanna see some of yours or just have more of a discussion going on, and there's gotta be some people on here that have caught some beautiful sunrises or sunsets in their time? I'll set the ball rolling, me and my girlfriend stayed...
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    My 35mm photography site

    tay / stripped bear I'm just here for some feedback from you guys. I shoot pretty much exclusively in 35mm (will move onto medium format in the fall but I don't have the money yet). I've uploaded a few photographs to this page but there are a LOT more if you just follow the link to my site.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Cinematics Available Now

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXuSeWopdo8 Enjoy guys, credit to Rajman Gaming HD. Pretty good stuff, the new cutscene with YX and Braig is pretty interesting still, I'd say Young Xehanort sounds as ambiguous as ever but there's nothing new to really theorize from cause we know it all now...
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    Official Re:Coded Secret Movie "Destiny" Subtitles

    Well, turns out we've all been reading this scene quite wrong hahah. Not one but TWO rips of the re:coded movie have the official subtitles, the texts a little different in english. Wow. I thought maybe someone was just talking shit about them being the official subs but then after seeing the...
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    Master Xehanort is not the sixth tomeless foreteller

    Young Xehanort clearly has some idea about the keyblade, but remarks that he doesn't have Master Xehanort's yet. The fact he identifies Master Xehanort as his own being, as opposed to his older self, is intriguing enough as it is. I've seen a number of theories stating that Xehanort may have...
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    Did Xehanort pick Riku as his vessel for AnsemSoD because of his memories as Terra?

    Okay so this is one of those questions that we'll never get a solid answer to but I mean it is fun to speculate, unlike the whole Xemnas-Keyblade debate which there already is a solid answer to but one that no-one acknowledges. Anyway there's another thread about Xehanort potentially planning...
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    Crisis Core worth playing?

    Heard mixed reviews on it, wanna see what some peeps here have to say.
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    How come no-one has a clue what's going on anymore?

    Well the re:coded movie was uploaded yesterday and we got a lovely little new secret cutscene featuring Braig (or Xigbar? who fucking knows at this point) and Young Master Xehanort, which can be watched below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXL8Vuv8kSM The scene is pretty ambiguous, already...
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    The Significance Of Memory's Skyscraper

    When I first played KH2 I remember seeing this thing and thinking what's so significant about this building? It appears as the location of Riku and Roxas's battle, then of Sora and Roxas's mental battle and then again vs. Xemnas for a bit in an alternate version of it. Furthermore it appears in...
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    Did anyone else find Riku stupidly easy?

    I'd sold my DS by the time this game came out so I had to use an emulator to play it but got a little bored so didn't go back to it, then I got a 3DS for dream drop distance and decided to give the game a proper go. It's an annoying one for sure, I wouldn't say it's a bad game I enjoy it a lot...
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    Anyone got a Birth By Sleep Final Mix 100% Save File?

    Literally 99% of the ones available online are corrupt files or not actually complete which is massively infuriating, I've finished vanilla BBS but I wanna give No Heart a go, just takes a fuckin while to get there haha. If anyone can legitimately help me out it would be massively appreciated!!!!
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    Why didn't they record new lines for the secret Xemnas battle?

    They had his voice actor in to record a fair bit for the days cinematic, there were definitely new scenes, so.. why did they leave his ONE scene in KHFM unvoiced?
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    Why are Xemnas and Ansem SoD so much older than Apprentice Xehanort?

    Nobodies don't age, or at least we've been under the impression that they don't for a while, so why does Xemnas and Ansem look literally 10 years older than Apprentice Xehanort? They look even older than Terra and they only came into being a year after the events of BBS so surely they shouldn't...
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    Nomura stating Roxas has Ventus heart?

    3: Is it possible that Roxas has a heart? It is thought that it could be Ventus’s heart.

 In KHIIFM there were clues to him having a heart, and in Days we saw
 Roxas crying—proof that he could have a heart. As was said in Q1, he 
has taken a lot of himself from Ventus. But perhaps when Sora...
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    Aqua's Lingering Sentiment

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oeo6rRJW1_U Dunno why I didn't pick up on this sooner, if you watch this scene Xigbar mentions hearing voices from the "Room of Sleep" but Xemnas is supposedly in there alone. From earlier in the scene we actually see Xemnas walk in there alone and see the armor...