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  1. Faruway

    Long time member of the KHInsider Forum for 13 years, I'm back, everyone!

    It's been so long since I've been in this forum and I could not remember which year was my last activity.... But now that Kingdom Hearts III is upon us in this year of 2018, as a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, I decided to make a return and spend some time here, reminiscencing the...
  2. Faruway

    Will the songs/tracks in KH 2.5 HD ReMix be re-recorded with live instrumentation?

    Some people might not like it but it would be nice to hear the songs/BGMs from both KH2 and maybe Birth by Sleep in live instrumentations. :)
  3. Faruway

    Ventus's original homeworld to be in KH3 but it's a world we already know

    I've been wondering about it all this time, I know the Land of Departure is the homeworld of Keyblade Wielders/a training homeworld for Keyblade Wielders but where did Ven originally came from before he became a Keyblade Wielders? Terra and Aqua have never met him before until 4 years before the...
  4. Faruway

    I hope a young version of Master Eraqus, Young Eraqus, appears in KH3

    After fighting against the Armor of the Master in one of the matches in the Mirage Arena in BBS Final Mix and listening to that battle theme 'Master, Tell Me The Truth', I was hoping that Master Eraqus may appear in KH3 in some form like a younger version of himself. We've seen Young Xehanort so...
  5. Faruway

    Will we finally get to see the original selves of Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene in KH3?

    Had a feeling that either one of them will play a huge role in KH3 or maybe three of them (Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene) Ever since the events in DDD, we still don't know why Aeleus and Ienzo scavenging stuffs in Ansem's room and why Lea wanted to become a Keyblade Wielder and suddenly rushed...
  6. Faruway

    Nico Nico Douga vid of all Kingdom Hearts 3 reactions vids from Youtube, reacting at same time!

    We've seen all the Kingdom Hearts 3 reactions vids so far and it was funny and incredibly awesome! However, someone from Nico Nico Douga actually made a compilation vid containing all the well known Kingdom Hearts 3 reactions from Youtube combined, with everyone reacting at the same time...
  7. Faruway

    Kingdom Hearts III/Final Fantasy XV Reactions

    I don't know if this is the right place to put but I will just go on. I was going around browsing for more news on the E3 2013 Sony Conference until I came across this live reaction vid on Kingdom Hearts 3 along with Final Fantasy XV being announced... Be warned that this contains loud...
  8. Faruway

    FIFA World Cup Mascots CHEER!

    Well, my first artwork thread in here, ever since I first join the KH Forums, I've never shown my drawing skills in this section before but I decided to do so. :) How the Mascots from the FIFA World Cup watch Live Telecast Football Matches? From the very first World Cup mascot to the...
  9. Faruway

    The Heart Emblem on Dilan's and Aeleus' Attire

    On the BBS TGS O9 trailer, I started to noticed something on Dilan and Aeleus. On the uniforms they wear, a heart emblem is seen and on their weapons too, if paused in a few secs. We've seen this symbol on the logo title of the KH series (except no crown on it) and when played on TWTNW in KH2...
  10. Faruway

    The Rules of The Keyblade Bearers and Masters, possibly shown in BBS?

    Weeks passed after the magazine scans of Birth By Sleep is shown and I always kept thinking about something, I decided to watch some cutscenes, especially Atlantica, in the first KH game about the rules of the Keyblade Bearer on what they must not do. As said by Triton, is that the Keyblade...
  11. Faruway

    Luxord's Connection To The CoM Members and The 13th Struggle

    Many of us known Luxord as the 'Gambler of Fate' whose fighting style is the same as Zexion and see fighting as a game, with the use of cards as his weapon. He also had his own type of Nobodies to control, the Gambler Nobodies but I found out that there's more to Luxord than meets the eye. In...
  12. Faruway

    Organization XIII Seating

    As I watch the recent subbed KH2FM+ PV on the part where Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix and Luxord discussing about Axel in a Organization Meeting Room, I already found out the seating position of the Organization members. I also compared the vid along with Roxas' Sixth and Final Day vid on the part where...
  13. Faruway

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Site Open

    Square-Enix KH2FM+ site has finally opened since it opens with a placeholder last September. ^ ^ Lots of screenshots from the scans are shown in high quality and new ones that never seen before, are inside too. Wallpapers, infos and bunch of stuffs can be found there...
  14. Faruway

    The Organization XIII flashback in Roxas' memory

    I don't know whether this has been discussed but in the Twilight Town Sixth Day cutscene, where Roxas holding his head in pain and starting to remember about the Organization XIII, there are 13 members sitting on each of their thrones and of course we know who they are but I found out the...
  15. Faruway

    The most sinister and evil Organization XIII member

    Okay, We've seen Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Saix, Demyx and Luxord fighting against Sora, his friends and try to get their hearts back from Kingdom Hearts in KH2 but which Organization XIII member is the most sinister and evil in KH2?
  16. Faruway

    Storylines of Tarzan in KH2 before the copyright issues problem

    Okay...this had been told many times in the KH forums that Tarzan won't appear in KH2 because Deep Jungle is now nothing but a memory in the series as it did not reappear in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. This is likely due to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. owning the...
  17. Faruway

    About Larxene's real name

    We know the first 6 members of the Organization XIII real names and they are Ansem's assistants and test subjects..... Somehow, I went to wikipedia n notice that Larxene's name is Relena....it says her name seems to be Relena....with her name highlight in bold and also it says on background...
  18. Faruway

    Memory of Xehanort?

    I dunno whether you guys notice this bt i explained.... Xehanort is actually a castaway and suddenly wound up at Hollow Bastion in Radiant Garden....he had no memories of his life before and there he met Ansem for the first time and he took him in....Xehanort then agreed to become a test...
  19. Faruway

    Possible Organization XIII members name

    We know that the first six members of the Organization r Ansem's assistants and test subjects....now we left with the other six members of the Organization....here is my possible answers on who they are.....they could be e people who live in Hollow Bastion castle, maybe..... I went to wikipedia...
  20. Faruway

    Organization XIII names

    The original names of the Organization XIII members is reveal The 4 members including Zexion/Ienzo r Ansem's assistants and the test subjects along with Xehanort No.2 Xigbar - Braig No.3 Xaldin - Dilan No.4 Vexen - Even No.5 Lexaeus - Elaeus Xemnas's element is darkness, Zexion/Ienzo's...