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    a sinking ship

    First of all, i have not studied economy and do not claim any expertise in that area. However, i do follow the news quite extensively, and these are just amalgations of observations combined with logical reasoning. With both the U.S.A as well as Europe having to deal with colossal problemns...
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    Well, after a year with a lot of crap, i'm back. Maybe some know me, some might not, but i'm back. I'm not going to be on every week, but i'll check in from time to time.
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    I just lost the game. s1eyeballs
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    buying ps2-crap

    Apparently my brother spilled some soda over his ps2 controller, which has ceased functioning. He asked me to look for another one but our local stores don't sell them anymore. I'm going to look at online stores but i wonder if regional differences have to be considered, since i might have to...
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    it can go both ways

    I've seen lot's of hypothesising when it comes to deities and whatnot, but isn't it just all hollow words. We have no indication of them, the descriptions and texts describing them and events surrounding them can be twisted in any way you'd want. In essence, shouldn't we just stick to the most...
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    It's been a while since i got my computer and i need to get rid of some old crap. I did lots of stuff, but i need to clean up the registry, anyone who knows a good free program for that?
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    atheism, fad or ideology

    I've seen lots of debates on the internet involving atheists and theists. What strikes me most is how in a lot of discussions i see simmilar phrases or retorts in a lot of these discussions. Often quoting the same sites and books. They've all read the god delusion, watch george carlin and refer...
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    Missed me?

    I'm back from a two week vacation and i have a desktop. Anyway, missed me?
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    And this time it's not jack thompson...

    ...but a pedophile who is too cowardly to take his responsibility. This idiot is just what the anti-gaming lobby needs. He should grow some balls and admit it was his twisted psyche that caused it because this might very well cause the judge to plead him innocent, i've seen enough cases where BS...
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    japanese game shows

    I have to say, the japanese surely aren't afraid of their reputation, or pain. Their shows are hilarious, if only we had similar shows. Some examples: YouTube - Japan Human Tetris Episode 2 YouTube - Stupid Tetris YouTube - Japanese Tv Game Show YouTube - Japanese Nut Shot Show
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    daft punk

    I like their musics, mostly the album discovery. Makes me think back to when i wasn't hella busy with school and could do what i want. Plus the vids on youtube feature an anime too, so when i saw that it was instant win. So do you like it or don't even care.
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    need help finding game

    All right, i remember playing a game at my cousin which isn't that well known. I wanted to ask him but he lost it years ago and doesn't know the name anymore either. I've searched google on the theme but i can only find the big names of games with that certain theme. It's an FPS based on greek...
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    secular countries

    My country is being flushed down the toilet right now, and the government is the cause. The current parties, mostly catholic and protestant, are pushiong through ridiculous laws. They prohibite thing after thing and there is no stopping them. Apart from smoking bans (understandable) they want to...
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    angels and demons

    Angels and demons, which is based on the book of dan brown will be shown in theatres in may 2009. So, expect much of the movie or do you think it'll be worthless. And did you like the acting of tom hanks in the part of robert langdon or was it just lame. Angels and Demons
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    religious or not

    I was wondering how many here are religious and don't believe in something. And maybe you could tell why you're atheist or religious. I haven't ever believed in a god, i was born a catholic but never even believed in it. In the beginning i didn't care and now i just don't believe in something...
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    old games

    Ever go back to old games, games from consoles like the playstation, n64 or even older? I just started to play crash bandicoot 3 again (best in the series) and try to get 105%. I also occasionaly pop in medievil, but that game isn't really known to a lot of people and rather obscure. Though...
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    nuclear energy

    There's a lot of debating in my country how to save the enviroment. Everybody agrees on alternative sources as the solution but that isn't really efficient in this day and age. Basically we've got two camps, one says we should immediatly start with alternative sources, gradually turning our...
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    time trial

    I was wondering what level you guys advise to get the hercules cup time trial. I've chosen the sword and gave up the staff in the beginning and slow level up. And could you tell me a good place to level, i haven't done hollow bastion to keep the time trials easier.
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    Oceans 1x

    What do you think about the ocean's trilogy? Hate it, love it? I've only seen eleven and twelve but i like them, twelve wasn't as good as eleven, but i liked the ending. So on to the video store for number thirteen.
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    is my game glitched?

    Somehow, the white mushroom in agraba won't appear and when i walk two screens away after beating the enemy's in the treasure room, there won't appear any new enemy. Is this a glitch?