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    fun rpg

    http://www.gangsterz2.net/refer.php?a=aoSjmkiXvehboDedfgpW i like the rpg it has a lil more features then this site does
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    the rpg

    in this rpg is there no way top change jobs bcus i just realizd that im a pickpocket and cant get any spells and i would hate to be screwed out of spells
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    this rpg is just like every other rpg inferno on the net, to proove it just go to google and search rpg inferno, i liked kingdomhearts bcus it was different and funner ive been playing this for a while now and i liked the old one 1 million times better, the jobs, and the keyblades, please bring...
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    how long

    the rpg has been down for a while and the last time it came up asa the 2.4 it didnt take this long, its been around two weeks already so wat is the problem, how long will it take till we can play
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    join creatures of power

    alright i kno the rpg is down but as soon as it gets back up i will recreate my creatures of power clan and all former members please contact me through PRIVATE MESSAGE me, now also i cant help any1 in my clan from the start but eventually ill try to give u money and weapons as soon as i can, so...
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    hey everybody im not knew but i am bored!
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    is anyone else bored now that the rpg is down again?
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    rpg down again........

    y dont theuy just leave the rpg alone forever, im tireed of having to restart and now its off again sighhh LEAVE THE RPG ALONE
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    wats wrong wit the rpg now

    does any1 know what is wrong with the rpg now, it was working from around to till like no, (8:45) does anyone know?
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    heart unlocker trade

    ill trade a heart unlocker for an antenna whip, kingdom key or a twilight kingdom key
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    rejoin creatures of power

    it's hard for me to keep track of teh 21 members that werer in my clan but anyone tah was was please pm me and tell me to send u an invite. NEW MEMEBRS WHO HAVENT BEEN IN MY CLAN R ALSO WELCOME.
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    21 members rejoin creatures of power

    anyone that was in creatures of power clan please pm me when u start a knew rpg profile, new members also wlecome
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    clan for the newbies

    anybody knew want to join my clan
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    reJoin creatures of power

    alright evry1 that was in teh creartures of power clan pm me and tell me when u created a new rpg profile so i can reinvite u, new members r also welcome, so just pm me
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    100 million/ free O & O's

    all that all u have to do is private message me and say u wanna join my clan
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    1 billion dollars

    ill give 1 billion dollars to anyone who gives me a neo claws
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    Free 100 Million

    I Will Give 100 Million To Anyone That Joins My Caln. 100 Million Jsut For Joining
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    50 million if u join my clan

    ill give 50 million to anyone that would like to join my clan just private message Dark_Lightning. and any weapon u desire we'll give to u. hurry in 50 million!!!!
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    clan section help

    can some1 tell me how to find the clan section??
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    anyone want to join a clan (get money and help)

    i kno this is the wrong spot to post this but i dont kno where the right spot to post it is. anyway ANY1 THAT WOULD LIKE TO JOIN MY CLAN JUST PRIVATE MESSAGE Dark_Lightning AND I WILL LET U IN MY CLAN. IN MY CLAN WE HELP EACH OTHER BY GIVING MONEY AND ANYTHING ELSE U NEED. EVERY1 IS WELCOME TO...