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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Oh god...this is a fun question...let's see here... - Pete as a horrifyingly obese lion - Blinding, horrible Atlantica singing/dancing - Kairi jumping from the balcony in TWTNW to help Sora - Seifer screaming, "Gerblah!!!" after Roxas beat him to a pulp - Roxas doing a cartwheel to get weapon -...
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    Birth By Sleep Theories

    D'awww...no one has given Demyx any love ;n;
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    Organization Members lied!!!

    Probably, the whole Org. XIII has other selves, just like Roxas. But, that doesn't mean that those others have to be living, becasue nobodies are like remains. Anyway, I bet Axel and roxas are the only ones who have "real" emotions, since those two seem to have the purest hearts in the group...
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    Birth By Sleep Theories

    I think that Terra is actually Xemnas (Xehanort). Terra seems to be good friends with Ven, who remarkably looks exactly like Roxas. So...I'm thinking that the fact that Xemnas put Roxas into the Organization has something to to with their memories from the past and their friendship from long...
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    Manga over game?

    I think it's hard to choose. The manga added more funny scenes with the characters, but the game was the original. Hmm...Roxas looks so cute in the manga, and so does Sora. So, what do you guys think? Do you think the manga is better than the original game?