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    What I Did't Like About KHII

    my problems with this game was that: #1. Org. members, most of them had no story, just showed up one time b4, then the next time u see 'em, u kill em. Like Xigbar, the eyepatch guy, just showed up twice and then he died. ou didnt get to know anything about him. #2. i think the ending scene...
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    Just Curious...................................

    Just Curious.............why the %&*! isn't there an official KH2 site for America ?????? Is it coming soon or something????? sheesh....Japan gets everything first, even a website...........that site is sooooo loaded, too bad most of us here can't read japanese :(
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    I think Axel is a Good Guy !!! (theory, but not really)

    I don't know why, and I don't have many facts to support this, except the fact that Axel kinda helped Sora at the end of CoM when he ruined Marluxia's plans, but i think Axel is a good guy. Why? I don't know. It did seem like he was trying to rid the Organization of its corrupted members, right...
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    Wouldn't You Like To See New Clothes on....?....?

    Wouldn't you like to see new clothes on Donald and Goofy? I know that's it's not in the storyline that they get new clothes like Sora, but it would be a nice change in scenery. We're gonna be looking at them for the entire game, and they have the same darn clothes on as the last game !!! To tell...
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    Does Anyone Like Pete Replacing Maleficent ?!?!?!?

    if KH2 is supposed to have a darker feel to it, then why is the main disney villain PETE ???? OMG.....if you know anything about pete or watched any of the shows (goof troop, house of mouse, goofy movies) then you know this guy is gonna be nothing but comic relief, he can't be very good at the...
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    Wouldn't You Like To See This in KH2 ??????

    After you beat KH2, wouldn't you like to see a multiplayer/player 1 vs. cpu DUEL MODE that gets unlocked after completion of the game?????? Just like in CoM/Dynasty Warriors/Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. That would be the greatest thing ever. You could pick any world to fight in as a...
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    Twilight Town Hints In Deep Jungle !!!!!!

    Yo, I replayed through KH1, and noticed in the Deep Jungle, when Jane is showing Tarzan the slides that Sora had to collect, an image of the TWILIGHT TOWN BELL / TRAIN STATION TOWER IS THERE !!!!!!!!!!! Sora says when he sees it, " This place...it seems so...familiar..."Then I think Donald says...
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    Does This Bother You ????????

    Does it bother you that in KH games, you never get to fight against a group of people, just creatures? Like, for example, in the Mulan world, the movie is based around fighting the Huns, fierce ancient Chinese warrios, REAL LIVE PEOPLE. Most likely, in KH2 the Huns will be replaced by...
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    All 13 Organization Members in KH2 ???(theory, kind of)

    Here's kind of a theory for KH2. I think that all 13 Organization members will be in KH2. Reasons For My Theory : 1. Even though just about all of the members died, we don't know if nobodies can even really "die." 2. Nomura said that this game can be for players new to the series, and...
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    Kh2 Voice Acting!!!!

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    Bhk's Party Members??????

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    Steamboat Willie!!!!!

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    Sora's Parents !?!?!?!?!

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    If Darth Vader met Sora.......

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    Who's the Toughest ???

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    What will the Lion King world be about?!?!

    If there is a Lion King world on KH2, what it be about?!?! Simba is already grown up, so it can't be about Lion King 1. It'll probably be about Lion King 2 (ewww) or a new storyline made up just for Kh2