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    TwilightChaser37's BIRTH BY SLEEP FANDUB PROJECT!!!

    thanks for making these cant wait for more
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    hopefully it will be around summer so i have time to actually play it
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    Question about Ventus's condition

    Re: Question about Ventus's coma van was still alive during bbs but he was killed by ven so ven is now a complete light being but he cant live without darkness (no one can except princesses i think) so he fell into the coma until he can regain his darkness back at least thats wat i tihnk
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    Famitsu interview with BbS developers (Feb 25 issue)

    really hope for somethign cool/useful like maybe an addition storyline or jsut maybe more equips
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    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Re: Possible BBS NA Release Date i really hope its for a early sumemr release so i can play it during the summer all they gotta do is translate everything plus voice (which they started on rite?)
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    i agree especially if its gonan be the last game therell be info overload (hopefully) and he probably has to make the tough decision of bringing roxas xion axel back or not sicne theyre dead (roxas is inside sora i can see him appearing but only for a brief moment )
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    Something I never understood

    maybe they thought they can still handle it or they wanted revenge for vexens death...plus axel did eliminate zexion pretty quickly afterwards...(how long was the time span of sora in CO i think it was just a few hrs 1-2 day at most rite.......)
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    Where do you stand?

    i felt that xion (even tho she was a ok story) she kinda wasted wat 358/2 coudlve been about which couldve been 1) more backstory for org 13 (recruiting mems, oringal humans, the experiemnts in radiant garden) and 2) of course about the rooms, y xemnas wants them (probably for ven but how did he...
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    i agree but itll also be hard bc theres so many chars now (not just donald and goofy) and i really hope they introduce new worlds/chars tho probably half of the worlds r old worlds
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    the changes they made since the first bbs trailer

    ya i lot has changed especailly the cutscenes and of course char design
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    Master Xehanort's Reports Roughly Translated (Spoilers A-Plenty)

    ya it sounds liek he wanted to create a "perfect balanced" world tho he also probably wanted to rule it too like u said
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    Question about Maleficent

    this is most likely the case
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    Is Vanitas's Keyblade real?

    i tihnk its real 1) he has the strong heart thingy and 2) hes connected to ven so its similar to roxas and sora (tho roxas had vens heart...)
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    So, will it appear in the Future?

    Re: So, will the X-blade appear in the Future? i doubt nomura would introduce something so mysterious/important (u can say it was the cause of all the bad stuff since it was MX's greed to obtain it) im sure itll porbably to at least mentioned in future titles
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    the kh2fm secret ending - to the ingame scene

    the kh2fm was of course better bc of the cgi, epicness and wat not i didnt expect the in game scene to be better since it was just a "cutscene"
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    Chamber of Repose rooms

    thx for posting the vid nv seen it and ya i think those r just experiment rooms
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    OMG new secret BBS cutscene?!?!?!

    lol that was funny :) 2525252525
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    Vanitas LS not dead?

    i agree without van i dont tihnk ven can wake up (unless nomura makes something else up.....)
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    Another Secret Boss?......

    i would love to see a "darkside" unverse since we have a heartless and nobdy version
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    Neoshadows ? [Ven's story spoilers)

    ya i agree that purebloods came from realm of dark and MX probably brought the neoshadows over to test ven /get van out and in kh1 through kh2 those heartless r mostly emblems bc there from the experiments and the shadows/purebloods are fewer in comparison bc it takes alot of darkness to take...