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    Kingdom Hearts Remastered Speculation

    With Kingdom Hearts nearly turning 10 years old on September 2012, what great things can Square deliver fans? With Kingdom Hearts 3D coming soon and possibly BBS vol 2 afterwards, KH3 seems in the far distance. So, what could Square do for fans? Well, I think SE will announce KH 1 and possibly 2...
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    New Re:coded footage

    So i found this on nintendoeverything.com Nintendo Everything – Our second language is Nintendo++ Blog Archive First direct-feed footage of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
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    10 more days

    It is now December 30, 7:13a.m in Japan. If you must know, Birth by Sleep will be released in 10 more days in Japan. Starting Tomorrow, it will be 10 days for the states. However, I see it as more. Not only will BBS be released, but I, for a speculative example, think that Nomura will announce...
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    The 10 Year Gap?

    Ok i'm just going to say this and put it out there and i'm sorry if there has already been a thread about this. Ehmm *Little Spoilers* In the first kingdom hearts, Leon and other Final Fantasy people moved to Traverse Town because their world, Radiant Garden, had been taken by the...
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    Square Enix at E3. Could this mean something big for 358/2

    It's confirmed Square-Enix, Inc. will have a booth and meeting room at E3 in June. Since 358/2 Days comes out in May in Japan is there a chance something special might happen *coughs DEMO* well maybe or maybe not. It's not likely to happen but "HEY, IT COULD HAPPEN" Link to E3 Exhibitors List...
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    Let me make this clear!! KH3

    People please stop the threads of KH3. Yes i know its fun to dream but honestly, there has been no info, screenshots, any mention of KH3 at all. People you are getting ahead of ourselves. Please focus on the games closer to us now more than ever before. Now i'm not saying there will be a...
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    The Prince, and Lightning Guest Appearance

    I no the title is not what you expect for a poll but here it goes Pgerv12 here once again, of course Well people i've moved from basic KH polls and that thought i'd throw in some Square-enix eh You have 3 days to pick which character you would want to appear more in any new KH game. Yes the...
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    Ok folks i'm putting up a theory. Yes its true i even suprised myself The new enemies Unbirths are unborn meaning they never real exist like Nobodies. I believe this because of the "Un" a prefix meaning not. Not Born....No Births. Is this somehow connected to Xion. Unbirths-made from real...
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    Will 358/2 Days Multiplayer Fail?

    Hello once again. Pgerv12 here with yet another poll.....shocker haha Well today i have a gameplay poll for all of you. So with out further adieu Will 358/2 Days Multiplayer Fail? I for one will say yes it will because of its amount of people i mean 4 big Org Coats with some people caring big...
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    Question: Involving KH:ReCoM coming to US

    Um hi i just wanted to know if KH:ReCoM really was coming to the US and if there was any news about it....sorry to bother people but i didn't really hear a final answer from people so i just wanted to clear things up
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    Which game music did you like better?

    Um hi i just want everyone's input on which Kh music you like better. Kingdom hearts or Kingdom hearts 2. Personally i bought the complete OST and i like the Kingdom Hearts music more. for example Bustin on the beach...i love it
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    Do you think Xion should be playable?

    Hello, pgerv12 here once again for that weekly poll. Well we have had some exciting news regarding #14 yes Xion. The most important part of this is the Riku scene where he confronts her...anyway i'm not here to tell you what i think. Last week i asked people which new game they wanted to play...
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    What Game Are You Looking Forward To

    Hello everyone. Pgerv12 with a special poll for the Square enix event. I am having a special poll for the event and i won't be here Monday. SO this is it you have 3 days to answer What Game Are You Looking Forward To In my last poll Roxas was the winner out of all the Org XIII to play the...
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    What Org. XIII Member Do You Want To Play The Most In 358/2

    Hello everyone. Pgerv12 here with another weekly poll. As a refresher, you will have 3 days to answer the poll and each week i post the winner in my next poll. Speaking of which, Ven was the Winner of the Who do you want to play the most in BBS. Ven was 1 vote ahead Terra as Aqua was 5...
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    Who Do You Want To Play The Most?

    Alright people i've thought my priorities through and i have to agree with what everyone has said to me in the past. But that's not the point of this thread. I want people to choose who they would want to play the most in BBS. Yes a poll. I will give you 3 days to answer the poll and i will...
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    Give Nomura + staff a break!

    As the title reads i think people need to be more thankful for what Nomura has given us and what he will be giving, but i think people need to stop getting mad about release dates for BBS, Coded, 358/2. You have to remember he's been directing FFversusXIII and those 3 titles all from finishing...
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    To everyone talking about the new BBS enemy, I have thought up of a possibility. Dreams, people, Dreams. Born when you fall asleep. why, because your mind goes into a tranquil state and digs pieces of memories and adds a little imagination. I've broken the system people. You can't tell me...
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    Rooms: Sleep, Dreams, Awakening

    Ok this is a new thread speculating the Room of Sleep seen in KHFM+ As we already know Aqua's armor was seen in the "Room of Sleep" when Xemnas addresses it as "friend" Now things get complicated, Xigbar was talking with Zexion about moving half their operations to Castle Oblivion thinking...
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    To everyone talking about the new enemy with the messed up emblem there not a form of heartless/nobodies they did not exist. "Interviewer: Are there new enemies you can confirm that are not shown in the screens? Nomura: The new enemy is not a Heartless, or a Nobody, because the story takes...
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    What FF charater would you like in BBS

    OK its time for a poll. I have made this up from my last thread 10 years ago: Radiant Garden to see who everyone would like. You can vote more than once and if you want someone else just reply and we can have a discussion Please feel free to explain why you want them to be appearing. THIS...