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    What is "Kingdom Hearts" exactly?

    In KHI, Ansem summoned the door to darkness and called Kingdom Hearts. In BBS, Xehanort called Kingdom Hearts and it was a heart shaped. In KHII, Xemnas was trying to collect his own Kingdom Hearts. Heck, he even talked to it. So what excatly is Kingdom Hearts, and what the point of it...
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    Watching recoded movie before playing BBS?

    Is watching the movie before playing BBS is a good idea? Im planning to watch the movie after finishing kh2fm and then play BBS (which have 3 playthrough so itll take some time)
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    How to fix Walking issues?

    Not like its a big issue or anything but sometimes it bugs me (especially when playing new game with no dodge or fly abilities) This issue sometimes happens with ds3 randomly, while using ds4 (which I prefer) only happens when moving northwest.I can ignore that really but trying kh2 in pcsx2*...