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    Once Upon a Time and Kingdom Hearts

    While everyone knows the series here is the question should it be in Kingdom Hearts IV as a world in Quadatrum or in the Kingdom Hearts reality as a world set during the season 6 finale that Kairi could go to in her own game even if it’s her own mark of mastery exam?
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    X-Wars (sign up/ooc thread)

    [A rp based off Namco x Capcom, and Project X Zone] The year is 20XX. Worlds are being infected by multiple quakes causing Dimensional Distortion in the Material World,Imperial World,the future world,the Spirit World,The Phantom World, and Fantasy World. A ancient prophecy has foretold that the...
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    Kingdom Hearts & Castle of Illusion

    Do you all think there should be a crossover between Kingdom Hearts, and Castle of Illusion?
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Journey of the Keyblade Princess

    Kingdom Hearts and all related characters are own by Disney and Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts Journey of the Keyblade Princess Chapter 1 Awakening Kairi look at the ocean on the island waiting for Sora and Riku to come home. She shed a soft tear as she summon her keyblade Destiny Embrace...
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    new generation for Kingdom Hearts

    Do you all think that after Sora's adventure in Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix should make a new generation of new keyblade wielders?
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    films or cartoons that should be in the next kingdom hearts.

    I don't know if theirs one already. Well this is for films or cartoons that need to be in the next Kingdom Hearts. My choices --------------- Silly Symphonies (yes their was a Timeless River world but they need to put one for the Silly Symphonies.) Toy Story (the world should be call Toy Town)...