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    BBS promotions

    not sure if its that big, but i've noticed a lot more promoting for the game lately such as a gamefly commercial with BBS as a major game featured
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    Square Enix Members E3 fan-powered Q&A

    So on the Square Enix E3 page allows members to ask questions about the Birth by Sleep. Now its not really new, but some questions are being answered now and members may be able to actually get some new info from Mr. Nomura himself. http://na.square-enix.com/e310/fan-poweredqa.html
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    Secret ending Question SEMI SPOILER

    I posted this here rather than in the Official thread because i dont want a complete spoiler of the video i only want to know if the scene with Sora was in it and if so does he have dialogue? I dont really want to know anything else so please no OTHER spoilers
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    BBS Official Site updates

    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Movie section World section System section
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    Jump Festa Demo Impression

    Jump Festa Birth by Sleep Demo Impression | HEARTSTATION.ORG Heartstation put this on their site today and this time i went through to make sure it's not old news
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    BBS travel methods

    I took the pictures from the official site update and put them together for a comparison and better look BBS picture by Millenious - Photobucket
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    Hello im one big fan of kingdom hearts and im glad to be a member :D