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    Beyondard-The World Beyond

    Beyondard...the name given to the world identical to our own but different, the name Beyondard means World Beyond, so was given to this alternate version of earth. Beyondard once was just like our world, great and majestic, however it had enhanced technology...which proved to be it's downfall...
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    Hearts Of Darkness

    ((that's right, i'm back at last)) twenty years after Sora and Riku defeated Xemnas at Kingdom Hearts, the heartless have returned again with a new master, with the previous Keybladers not able to fight now, new keybladers will have to awaken and rise up to stop the heartless by travelling the...
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    Resident Evil: powers of the spirits

    Resident Evil ((what the hell was I thinking back then?))
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    Your Soul Calibur 3 custom characters

    the idea of this topic is you can say the description of your created characters, and if you want to, say their made up peronsality and bio that you've imagined, it also if some people want to create custom characters, they can make yours on theirs, for a laugh, all fun and games see, this...
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    a tale of souls and swords eternally retold

    trascending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords eternallt retold they call it a sword of great power they call it a magical sword imbued with a powerful mystical force they call it the sword of a warrior, the saviour of a nation...countless rumors surround soul edge. in truth it...
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    the price of victory [sonic rp]

    wherever Victory has been there has always been a price: when the prototype of the ultimate lifeform, the biolizard was defeated, Shadow managed to use chaos control to teleport himself to earth, but was still heavily injured, and lost his memory thanks to Eggman Cream she lost her dearest...
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    Spirit Project

    Nebula, at least eight of nine homes in the world have a product of Nebula, it's the worlds biggest commercial entity. their slogan "our business is life itself" that is more true than anyone would dare to think. hidden everywhere around the world are top secret labs of Nebula, where...
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    Final Fantasy VII: the wrath of Unicron

    Sephiroth had escaped with the words "i will not become a mere memory" to Cloud [advent children movie] and as he got close to the borthern crater to hide, he suddenly found himself appear in space, and in front of him a huge thing "i have summoned you here for a purpose" it exclaimed. "nobody...
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    FFVII: Advent Children [contains spoilers if asked for]

    basic plot: at the end of FFVII we saw a glimpse into 500 years ago....and showing red thirteen's kids....we see that at the beginning of advent children, then, it goes to 498 years ago, two years after the meteor and sephiroth crisis... [no spoilers yet] in FFVII a 'reunion' was going on...
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    resident evil: code: creeper/chaos fusion

    post deleted, been years, years i say
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    the heartless virus

    it's been twenty years since the events of megaman stream/battle network 5, Lan hikari became a scientist at Sci-Lab just like his father, and also marrired Maylu Sakurai. during those ten years there was peace, of course there's the odd virus, but nothing major, like a big crime organisation...
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    Megaman Axl Series

    capcom are thinking of making a series of megaman on Axl...........they say it depends on the fans............. so here shall we talk about the Axl series if it is made and what could be in it i dare say stealth missions after all Axl has a disguise ability
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    the maverick wars

    it seemed at last, no more maverick uprisings would continue, but an alert sounded, X decided to take up this alert alone, confident on handling it, when he arrived at the location, he found chill penguin standing in front of him, shocked at how a maverick he had destroyed had returned, he then...
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    chaos dark loids

    it has been around 10 years since the events of duo, the asteroid net navis, the return of dr. Regal and Dark megaman. Lan hikari, has now taken up his father's position of being at sci-lab, but now rising is a new and old evil Dark Megaman sat on his throne in a hidden base on the outskirts...
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    final fantasy excursions

    characters from the final fantasy worlds have been pulled into the world of final fantasy 1......the reason to collect the seven gaming magazines scattered over the world........it might be a hard journey but i'm sure everyone and their mother at least knows where one of the magazines are....or...
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    lock, stock and stupid heartless

    ((deleted thread, dear god was I an idiot as a kid)
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    spirit project

    character/post deleted for good.
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    bob and george: the zombie wars

    http://www.bobandgeorge.com/Archive/Oct04.php?date=31 if you like megaman watch this, it's funny as hell, then agai nbob and george the actual comics is funny, after watching it in this topic we could make up our own thoughts to mroe parts of it, for a laugh
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    star wars: young jedi knights [highschool style rp]

    after the battle of endor and the second death star being destroyed, luke returned to the massasi temple of yavin 4, and now is starting a jedi academy to train people who have force powers awakening in them, after a shadow academy for sith was destroyed, luke continued to train jedi knights...
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    eternal ring [the ring rp/crossover]

    and post deleted/character deleted...serously...what was i thinking back then.