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    Help/Support ► Asperger Syndrome

    Hello, Internet. It's been some time. To be frank, I want to talk about A.S. Ok, for any and all reading: if you have been diagnosed, how do you deal with it? I have recently started trying to become more social. I think I even have a girl who is interested. But to try to look people in the...
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    I was running through Crunchyroll and I found this. who is this/where is she from? s1seafoodsoup
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    Metalocalypse: The Dethgame

    Metalocalypse // Press Release I am excited but skeptical
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    DS pirating

    feels weird addressing this. not sure why, though. Ok, so we all know about R4 and being able to download games. My questions are these: Is it legal? Can I get into some deep shit for it? Do I have to modify my system for it? "You gotta kill one, marry one, f*** one. GO!"
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    Avatar problem.

    Ok, I'm trying to change my avatar, right? but it's telling me it's invalid. Now, this time I'm positive it fits all of the requirements. it is 116X113 pixels and 38.4 KB. Am I doing something wrong? 'Cause I don't think I've over looked anything this time.
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    real furby

    Real-life Furbys rediscovered - Science- msnbc.com can this be discussed? or is it more of the news category? ....what's a pymgy tarsier?
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    has anyone read this? Shonen Jump released the prologue to it in their September 2008 issue. yeah, it's a long time ago. it's a kind of combination between Shaman King's Hiroyuki Takei and Marvel comics Stan Lee. The prologue looks pretty amazing. it's about two artifially created boys. Ultimo...
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    system problem?

    alright, lets get to the point. Was playing FFVIII today on my PS3.I Finished the first disk. After I switched the first disk, the screen stayed black. For way too long. Tried just stopping the game and starting with disk 2, didn't do anything. does anyone know anything about this? Can the PS3...
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    Help/Support ► WMM help

    hey, sup? ok, so I make AMV's. you can see the newest ones down in my sig if you want,they're not that great, that's not why i'm here. so, normally, i'm able to skip to certain parts of the video in order to get the timing down better or other stuff. but now, when i try to, for example, skip to...
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    mortal kombat meets kingdom hearts

    read the title, stupid.
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    Your Favorite ► your favorite band

    it's un-original. mine would be a tie between MetallicA and AC/DC. what's yours?
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    king of the hill cancelled

    i don't know if anyone knew(or cared) but here it is is anyone sad, angry, relieved? feelings please.
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    windows media player question

    ok, so want to watch the new bleach on my computer right? but, it won't let me! click the web help thing, and it gives me some crud about a codec. i'm told i'm missing a .avi codec. i download said codec, and it still doesn't work. does anyone know what i should do? what i could do? help!
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    organization war

    if the take over of org. XIII had commenced, who do you think would win? C.O.(marluxia, lexeaus, zexion, larxene, vexen. i think that's all) or TWTNW (Xemnas, xigbar, saix, luxord, xaldin, demyx.) i'm contemplating whether axel, roxas, or xion would be in this. and i guess, since sora became a...
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    KHI clan

    ok, i searched, went through pages, nothing. so, here it goes. i think we should start a clan for KHI members in: Halo3, Call of Duty 4...etc. i personally have started using this. what do you think? good/bad? what games? this is not just for people with Xbox 360, but PS3 also. don't think wii...
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    cutscene question

    ok, so i was playing kingdom hearts 2 final mix +, and i just randomly decided to play with the theater mode. so i go in there, so i can hear voices in japanese. i'm scrolling, and i go "i wonder what the beast would sound in japanese" so i pick it choose a random scene, and all it does is show...
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    look at these PLZ

    i've done some drawings in my spare time. there are some originals,but most are anime or kh based. plz tell me what you think. just the whole album cause there's alot. ansemckerofdrknes/KHI folder - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting i'm particularly proud of these though Image of ansem -...
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    what system for future kh games

    bet you haven't seen one like this yet. what system would you like to see kingdom hearts 3 and up on. i personally would like it on Xbox 360.
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    the other side of the heart

    what are they talking about? is it roxas? or have they not mentioned it? or is there some idea of what it is supposed to be? it's another thing that just annoyed me
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    Roxas/Xehanort BBS theory

    BIRTH BY SLEEP THEORY After the battle at the end of KH2FM+, when ven was frozen he was going to die. So aqua and terra, to help ven, used a spell that would put his soul to sleep, they could remove it, then place it in a new vessel for him to not die. 10 years later, sora was at hollow...