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    Fanfiction ► "What IS Love?" (FINISHED!!)

    Re: "What IS Love?" Ah! D: Why must it end. I wanted to keep reading, haha. It's really good, I literally started laughing when Axel came in and said that's when he pushes Larxene off a cliff. Oh man, that was good! Please keep writing! ;D
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    Help/Support ► Bad Forehead Acne

    Haha, I think it'd take a while to be able to sleep on my back. But it's possible. Step one however...Partially impossible. I'd be stuck eating only veggies, seafood and water. Red meats (Beef/Pork/etc.) don't belong in my diet. But hey, seafood, veggies, and water- it can be done. It's not...
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    NA release date?

    Damn. You got my hopes up, haha. I'm really going to have to get my hands on a PSP before BBS. Oh, and thanks for the welcome. Haha, I've been a lurker for quite some time, but neglected to join until now. ^-^
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    NA release date?

    [I]Is[I] there going to be a Birth By Sleep commercial during the Super Bowl? I HATE sports, especially football, but how long is the Super Bowl usually? I might just have to leave it on just in case there is a BBS commercial. o_o
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    Help/Support ► Bad Forehead Acne

    Ugh. I hate forehead acne. D: I have had the same problem, but it's not consistent acne, it's just break outs every now and again. Usually in a small area along my hairline. I have long hair and long bangs, and never pull them back except when I'm lazy at home and just want my hair out of my...