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  1. bryanbryan

    Final Commands

    Can anyone of you list ALL of the Final Commands in Recoded? I need to know :) and This Avatar stuff do I need a friend that has Recoded as well, to access it? Because every time I try to use it, nothing happends I can only change my avatars outfit, how lame.
  2. bryanbryan


    Can someone send me a link to a walkthrough that says how to get all the magic and attack commands, please?
  3. bryanbryan

    Mirage Arena

    Is there no possible way to actually play "Online" in the Mirage Arena?
  4. bryanbryan

    Confetti, Fireworks and Victory Pose.

    I know that victory pose triples exp. but what do confetti and fireworks do?
  5. bryanbryan

    Giga Magic/Attack Recipe

    Okay, so I got both of 'em and I don't know what "ultimate" attacks they meld. Which ones do they exactly meld? I already got some pretty good ones like deep freeze, glacier, raging storm, Tornado, etc. Before I even got those recipes.
  6. bryanbryan

    Halloween town shortcut?

    In Halloween Town, how do you go to through the hole in the graveyard. I heard there is a shortcut somewhere in the graveyard. Help?
  7. bryanbryan

    What does it really mean..?

    So the secret boss in Birth By Sleep is supposed to be canon, right? ...but what does "canon" really mean? I know this isn't yahoo answers, etc. p.s. if this is a "spoiler" this is already in the spoiler section so don't ask me to put it in a spoiler box.
  8. bryanbryan

    easy and faster (;

    is there an easy and faster way to level up in days? because it takes forever.
  9. bryanbryan

    Frustrating much?

    It's a bit frustrating, knowing that Summer is almost here. Yet, we still don't have an official Birth By Sleep release date. What's the rush? Uhh... I don't know-- Wanting to play it before I'm a grandfather! P.S. Just felt like sharing my thoughts. Thanks for yo' time (:
  10. bryanbryan

    Future Kingdom Hearts Theme Song

    So I read somewhere don't really recall where, that Utada Hikaru isn't going to do any more songs for Kingdom Hearts? 'Cause Disney doesn't pay? and also 'cause it's hard to translate lyrics from Japanese to English. Man, it just wouldn't be Kingdom Hearts without her singing.
  11. bryanbryan

    Kingdom Hearts Future Graphics

    Wouldn't it be cool for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts games to be all in CGI!!?? (Computer Generated Imagery) So the games can look more realistic and even feel more realistic, and whatnot. The Characters even look hotter in CGI. I think it'd be a great idea. :D
  12. bryanbryan

    The Pure Hearts

    So... [: I was thinking that when the princess's lost their hearts and since they're pure a nobody and not a heartless would be born. since that's what happened to Kairi. p.s. I don't know if this has been discussed before if it has...well my freaking bad.
  13. bryanbryan

    Sora Sacrifice

    Will anyone be a doll and tell me the title of the song that starts on 1:02 - 2:00 I'll give you rep. (: qiI_kA9XQoc btw I think this is one of the saddest scenes in the series next to the death of Xion.
  14. bryanbryan

    So who else thinks...

    ...that Zexion is emo? haha YouTube - Zexion: The Emo Kid
  15. bryanbryan

    Song on website?

    What's the song on the coded website called? ????? ??? coded Someone tell me. Please and Thanks :D Man I want that game for my phone. haa I wonder when they'll release it over here in North America.
  16. bryanbryan

    KHII Opening

    Soo... I don't know if this has been mentioned before. But has anyone noticed that an Organization XIII member is in the KHII Opening movie, When Sora is at the icy parts of Hallow Bastion? Who do you guys think it is? Xemnas? (Around 1:12-1:14 Keep your eyes wide open) YouTube - Kingdom Hearts...
  17. bryanbryan

    Roxas' Heart

    Remember in the old mansion basement when Roxas tells Diz "Who are you telling that to?" and Diz replies with "To the other half of Soras heart ofcourse" Isn't that proof that roxas does have a heart. since the other half of soras heart is vens.
  18. bryanbryan

    Another side, Another Story

    I was wondering why does that purple heart surround Roxas in "Another side, Another Story" and what do the Meteors above Riku when he's on Memory's Skycraper represent. And why doesn't it show the purple heart around Roxas and the Meteors above Riku in 358/2 days on the day titled "Believe."...