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  1. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    GTO: Shonan 14 days

    Manga Fox: GTO: Shonan 14 Days Manga Series
  2. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Thinkgeek reselling NEW DREAMCASTS FOR $99

    Playback 42 - Playback - Yahoo! Games It's ThinkGeeking: Online retailer selling new Dreamcasts Holy shit it's time for some Space Channel 5 EDIT: Hurf a durf you can't resell NEW concoles
  3. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    O' Reilly Rips on Eminem spoof

    Eminem's Palin Spoof Condemned By Bill O'Reilly - Hip-Hop Media Training The video in question: DptkI0EY6ZY Ha, we are talking about Eminem here, I think he's done more "obscene and inappropriate" things than this.
  4. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    New Mario and Luigi 3 for DS

    YouTube - Mario & Luigi RPG 3 - Japanese Trailer. You get to play as Bowser.
  5. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    What do you guys think of this Batman? I personally think that it doesn't have the edge that the old Batman had (which totally kicked ass). What do you think, a good predecessor? Or another fail of the new CN?
  6. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Which one are you

    Flame Warriors Home Flame warriors. Which one are you and what do you think others are.
  7. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Inevitable Trouble

    Is their anyway to get back at my lil 7 year old bro? If you even sneeze at him he snitches on your ass. He is practically untouchable. Anyway to get back at the lil brat?
  8. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Left 4 Dead Discussion

    The other Left 4 Dead thread died... 8 months ago, so I'm gonna just create a new one. More information can be found here: Left 4 Dead 411 - Left 4 Dead information, news and strategy
  9. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    GBA games

    Any good GBA games out there still to get/buy? So far my "library" is: FF Tactics Advance Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Red rescue ranger Pokemon Pinball2 YGO GX Medabots Rokoshu (the one without a good story line and the one where you start in a lab) Medabots Medabee (Lab) Metal Slug Advanced LoZ...
  10. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    New Mario DS game!

    New Mario DS game, Mario something. It has 3-on-3 ball playing... and thats all I remember. I'm going to find some youtube videos.
  11. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Something Slightly Disturbing

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=UrmEFeMHDO4 Something I found while I was bored. Sorry if this was already posted.
  12. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Show your Gummi Ships.

    Show your gummi ships designs. From modified versions of the sample ones to your very own :D. My favorite ship would have to be "Doonut" (on prupose). Lemme check stats... 300 def (or health whatever it is), -220 speed, 126 mobility, 146 power, and 710 attack. Orange, 2 sphere helms, 2 oval...
  13. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    How do you spell 911?

    So yeah how do you spell 911?
  14. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Lucky Lucky Combo

    This is for people finding items for recipes, Ultima weapon etc. Equip all the Lucky Lucky's (that means Donald and Goofy too) and equip weapons that have the Lucky Lucky ability (Sweet Memories, Meteor Staff, Genji Shield). And you'll be finding a lot of rare items and/or weapons for Donald and...
  15. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    How do you whistle?

    Haha I don't know how to whistle, now tell me now or I will do something bad.
  16. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    What do you do when you beat a video game?

    I just beat Ultimate Spiderman and then I asked myself this question. What do you do when you beat a video game? Please post yer opinions.
  17. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Ultimate Spiderman

    Who has played Ultimate Spiderman and liked it. The most interesting part I liked is being Venom.