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  1. Koji

    Birth of Nobodies: Full Understanding

    I have been playing KH for years and realized I still don't fully understand this topic. Even a Google search didn't explain what I wanted to know. How are nobodies born? It's pretty obvious they are not born where the somebody became a heartless. They are always born from strong hearts in...
  2. Koji

    My AMVs

    I made 2 AMVs (animated music videos), they're pretty good quality picture, but the sound has been altered to avoid copyright issues. The first one is FF7: Last Order and Advent Children Complete s5a463COJcI (Oh, I left some sound effects in because I tried uploading it before and it was...
  3. Koji

    Separating Sound Channels

    I need a program that can separate the sound channels recorded on a DVD. Like when the movie is recorded in surround using 5.1 channels, I just want to get the sound of the center speaker and save it as a sound file. Help me out please.
  4. Koji

    3D Movie Maker

    An extremely rare game. My parents bought it way back when we got MS Windows 95. I loved this game alot, and I was wondering if anyone else here has played it. I'm also looking for an updated one. I got the normal one, the Nickelodeon one, and the Doraemon addons, but is there a totally new...
  5. Koji

    Sin Hearvest/Descend Heartless Angel

    Dunno if someone did this already. What does Sephiroth really say? We discussed this for years, strategy guides say one thing, internet sources say another. Looks like Crisis Core ends the debate on what Sephiroth's big attack in KH1 and KH2, leaving 0MP and 1HP, is called. Some claim he says...
  6. Koji

    30 Days of Night

    I was talking about this somewhere else so I thought I'd checked if anyone watched this movie here. I thought it was pretty good, but alot of the ideas were used before. Alot of the movie was also wasted to pointless violence. The story: The small Alaskan town, Barrow, has prepared for their 30...
  7. Koji

    Resident Evil: Degeneration

    I have just recently returned to the forums and I havent found a thread for this either so if it exists, alert me please. Sony and Capcom are working on Resident Evil : Degeneration, which is a movie that presumably follows the game's storyline. The movie is entirely CG and is due for release...
  8. Koji

    Love Hina Soundtrack

    First, I recently watch through the Love Hina DVDs again, I wanna know what everyone thought about the music from this series. My personal favorite is the Christmas special, and I adored this soundtrack more than any anime. Now, I need some help. In the OAV series, Love Hina Again, there's a...
  9. Koji

    Converting Games to flash

    I'm not sure exactly what section this should be in, but I've seen so many potential game developers on this forum that use RPG/Game making programs. So this is mainly directed towards you. Is there some way to convert these games from *.exe to *.flash? I have some games that I'd like to play on...
  10. Koji

    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

    Now this is a game I've really been looking forward to. YouTube - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Tokyo Game Show 2007 : DigInfo The guy said it even matches every car's interior. That is so cool. Plus it finally has online play. And the graphics are stunning. This will be one of the first games I...
  11. Koji

    The Octave Engine

    Ever heard of this? Prometech Software is releasing the world's first graphics engine to simulate hydro dynamics in a game (that's right, during game play). Check out this video. YouTube - Next Gen Graphics Engine - The Octave Engine : DigInfo It will be released in mid-December.
  12. Koji

    VMAs 2007

    Okay, I havent yet seen a thread for this. The VMAs are right around the corner, who would you vote? Here's my vote: Video of the Year: Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...Comes Around Male Artist of the Year: Akon - Don't Matter, I Wanna Love You featuring Snoop Dogg, Smack That featuring...
  13. Koji

    DMG files for Mac

    This must sound like a stupid question but lol, that's me. I've never been a Mac user, but my friend has a Mac and wants to download a new messenger. She's scared that it might not be safe though. As far as I know there is an application file for the setup, and reads as a *.exe (executable) on...
  14. Koji

    Premium Forever...kingdom

    I know it's a little late (just a little) but one of my best friends here, foreverkingdom is now premium. Now she's VIP :cool:
  15. Koji

    Save the Big Cats

    I dont know if I can put this here, but here goes anyway. YouTube - Save the Big Cats! Watch this whole video. I figured this would be the best place to get this out all over. Tell whoever you can. We really gotta stop poachers, the unlicensed hunters who kill endangered animals for sport...
  16. Koji

    i-Pod battery help

    A while ago, at a camping trip, my sister dropped her i-Pod 30GB into a bed of water. After 2 hours, we found it and removed it. It didnt boot because of the water inside so we put it infront of an electric heater and left it to dry. When we returned, the buttons had melted. But there is still...
  17. Koji

    My Theory

    My turn for a theory. First remember that Nomura said we dont know anyone from the original secret movie. The secret movie also hints about a memory of Xehanort. The characters: (forgive me for not remembering what the letters stand for) --The knight that looks like Roxas He appeared in the old...
  18. Koji

    AC 2nd Credits

    At the end of Advent Children, after the first credits plays, there's a scene with Cloud on his bike, probably making a delivery. These scenes are also in the Reminiscence of FFVII on the DVD. Are those places real or CG? They look real to me, but its odd how they look so much like places in FFVII.
  19. Koji

    PSP Music Grouping

    Does anyone know how to group music in a PSP? I was looking at music options and saw "Group Mode". This could be extremely useful if I knew how to use it.
  20. Koji

    Shuyin's fingernails

    I dont know if anyone cares but if you look closely, you'll see that Shuyin's fingernails are painted. I dont know how you guys even survived without knowing this incredible info, but here's some pics that I took. http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/9190/shuyinfingernailsjl6.jpg...