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    Yo Sign. Whats up. Blast from the past. feels like youre the MoM making sure everything goes...

    Yo Sign. Whats up. Blast from the past. feels like youre the MoM making sure everything goes according to plan in this community
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Trust me, 2023 is too early. Speaking from a guy who spent years in the rough waiting for each installment. i expect early 2024, which is still quite optimistic considering nomura. But the fact that assets are already there and the team is familiar with the engine. Only improvements are needed...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Always nice to dust off this ol' account every once in a blue moon for a huge annoucement. Was a kid when kh1 first came out. Feels like this franchise is growing alongside me. Have to say though, Dont like how its more final fantasy than Kingdom hearts. Granted its only the introduction world...
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    M.O.M. Is officially returning. What are your thoughts for the next game about this?

    M.O.M mentioned once to Aced that you cant change destiny, and when Aced insisted that he has to atleast try to prevent the keyblade war from happening, M.O.M was like "meh, you can try if you want". If thats what he believes, then maybe he already tried changing fate once but learned that it...
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    My issue with the ending

    Yes, i know that its always gonna be soras story, as nomura constantly mentioned. But thats like saying theres no need to get invested in the storyline because we all know he will win in the end and save everyone. However, what we look forward to is HOW the story unfolds, and the way all the...
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    My issue with the ending

    Ill just preface this by saying this i love this game to death, but I have a huge problem with the ending. The problem is that Nomura needed to make a decision, at least for the time being, that sora Sora is dead. If thats the route he decided to take, then it should be a bitter sweet ending...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Yeah i wanted to chalk it up to being lazy but knowing numora he likes to make every little detail point towards something and thats probably it
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Can someone tell me why after the final world, when sora comes back to life, the whole scene was played back again with none of them remembering what happened the first time during their first encounter with Terranort?
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    News ► 358/2 Days Cutscene Runtime in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + Rearranged Music!

    I hope we'll be able to watch it like a movie all in one run.
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    News ► Dengeki Interview with Tetsuya Nomura Finally Surfaces!

    Oh,well I guess they're things that could be explained through cutscenes or journal entry's in KH3. I still thought there was one mystery game left all this time :/
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    News ► Dengeki Interview with Tetsuya Nomura Finally Surfaces!

    so was that secret ending in BBS FM a bunch of nonsense? We still dont understand anything of it
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    News ► New Nomura Interview Incoming This Week!

    i guess hes saving the secret ending for 2.5
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    Why Master Xehanort?

    I think it's way too specific having him go back in time,tell his younger self to gather his future selve's to meet in an exact location;Only for us to brush it off as "unleashing darkness". What amazes me more is that after returning to his present time and 'fulfilling his part/destiny' he...
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    Why Master Xehanort?

    Since I didn't want to open another thread, so: Can someone tell me how we seem to be completely ignoring the fact that Xehanort lost his memory after becoming Terranort? How would Ansem SOD(making him go back in time) and xemnas know about the plan MX had in mind. Did braig jog his memory,or...
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    News ► Tetsuya Nomura Interview + HD Screenshots!

    uuhhh look at those pc screens,i hope theres no story because i dont think i can bring myself to play that
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    i thought i had something

    then i looked at it 2 mins later NOPE.not so sure about it
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    Roxas's memory loss...

    I've always thought he did that out of frustration of being so confused
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    KH III will use Luminous Engine

    French interview translated by Sol (Ehres). ---x--- After the Agni's Philosophy presentation given by Julien Merceron (world tech director at Square Enix) – which gathered a huge crowd at Japan Expo – we were able to ask Merceron about his important responsibilities at the Japanese company. We...
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    OLD vs NEW

    thought it was interesting to see how much progress youve made since you started tagging oldest one found (date: 2009) my tags basically consisted of brushes(as background)+text+render most recent what about you?
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    Watch_Dogs 2

    this looks like an open world Deus ex,which is an insta-buy for me YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT xU7WGAJPRRw