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  1. Master_Aqua

    In BBS what did you think of this cutscene?

    So in my PSP version of BBS (because I'm busy getting EVERYTHING for KHII) I looked back at my Trinity Archives in theater mode and looked at Aqua's story mode on the Castle of Dreams where the Duke or whatever he's called runs off saying Cinderella is in trouble. Aqua goes there only to find...
  2. Master_Aqua

    Anime/Manga ► Tokyo Ghoul

    Okay so this is my first thread but, omg I'm so glad it's anime/manga related and also since Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorites hehe. I loved season one and just watched season twos first episode of Tokyo Gould Root A. It was great, for me at least. Also I'm keeping up with its manga. Another...
  3. Master_Aqua

    Hi and.....

    I've been here as a guest and well felt like I wanted to finally join this community as KH is one of my favorites, if not my favorite franchise out there. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here :D.