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  1. tri-blade

    [SPOILER] What about Lea?

    My bet is this theory for Lea's story KH3D: Lea returns, but he has absolutely no memories of the last 10 years. He is just the kid BBS Lea in Axel's body. Sora and Riku realize that the only way to fix this is to bring back the 3 people who were most influential in Axel's 10 years of life...
  2. tri-blade

    Red vs Blue season 9

    Well Red vs Blue is out for it's 9th season and it's bigger and better than ever! Here are the first 4 chapters: Rooster Teeth · Episode 1 Rooster Teeth · Episode 2 Rooster Teeth · Episode 3 Rooster Teeth · Episode 4 Plus their first PSA Rooster Teeth · What I Did On My Summer Vacation. Please...
  3. tri-blade

    What if: the question of KH and a certain movie company's involvement.

    Looks like Dorkly may have provided us the answer to one of KH's most asked questions: If Pixar Characters Were in Kingdom Hearts - Dorkly Article Enjoy!
  4. tri-blade

    Another MacFarlene (crappy) cartoon

    Okay, so today I was reading USA today in my library and I find the following item on the front page: BBC News - Flintstones set for yabba-dabba-do-over That's right. Seth Mac-Idiot (the killer of King of the Hill) has decided to make a remake of the classic Flinstones. HE HAS GONE TOO FAR...
  5. tri-blade

    Naruto on MAD A.K.A "Naru210"

    Had to LOL at this: YouTube - naruto on mad naru210 -I love how they MAD accesses all of Naruto's faults in the comic like: -High pitch voice -Bratty attitude -Justin Beiber Movie reference -Jokes used in the beginning of the series -FLASHBACKS!!!!! XD -His overexcitement over everything -his...
  6. tri-blade

    Red Vs Blue Season 9 predictions

    As I have posted here,: http://forums.khinsider.com/film-television/160497-new-red-vs-blue-trailer.html The new trailer for Red vs Blue came out. What do you think will happen to the RvB gang now? What do you think the days of Project Freelancer will reveal? Will Project Freelancer reveal...
  7. tri-blade

    New Red vs Blue Trailer

    To anyone that like Red Vs Blue, the new trailer is finally here! Red vs. Blue · Trailer *Spoilers* For those who don't understand the trailer, the story will have two storylines: A CGI storyline (prequel to RvB) and a regular storyline (Epsilon-Church and his time in the memory unit). The two...
  8. tri-blade

    RvB studios makes a very hilarious video

    Red vs. Blue · Inside Joke The video is called "Inside Joke". Just when you think you know the inside joke...... .....you DON"T!!! You are not going to see this coming people! YOU JUST DON'T. What do you think of it?
  9. tri-blade

    Xigbar in 358/2 days

    I recently come to realize that in 358/2 days, Xigbar has been doing some strange things. During one of the days you go to Olympus Colosseum, Xigbar suddenly appears and decides to have a match with you. As soon as Roxas turns away from him, Xigbar disappears. What was he doing their in the...
  10. tri-blade

    Look at what I found! Top Ten

    Dorkly.com has posted a top ten "Greatest Swords in Videogame History" and guess which sword got #9 on the top ten list? The Dorklyst: The 10 Greatest Swords in Videogame History - Dorkly Article Way to go Sora!!! Comment please!
  11. tri-blade

    Need protection in KH2FM?

    Sora Bodyguards, the finest bodyguards money can buy. Assassins, ninjas, Terras, benches, you name it, they can destroy it. And you get all 10 Sora Bodyguards for the slim price of only $1000...an hour YouTube - KH2FM - Sora Bodyguards I can't stop laughing at this. Xemnas would totally have a...
  12. tri-blade

    No Heart Armor decides it all

    This is kind of a whole "Terra is Xemnas" theory combined with the whole "which Xehanort had the keyblade but intentionally did not do use it" therory. I think that when Terra was chilling in the Terranort heart, he found the No Heart Armor just lying around deep withing MX's darkness. MX said...
  13. tri-blade

    Just thinking about prequels

    Who wants to bet that the next prequel KH does is before BBS and is one about young adult Xehanort and young adult Eraqus having to work together to stop a threat that will become Sora's next enemy after KH3? This enemy will probably be a student of Yen Sid (most likely female because of the...
  14. tri-blade

    Transformations and connections

    I just noticed something about two of the characters in BBS. Take a close look at Braig in this scene (especially the ears and the eyes at 1:14) YouTube - Birth by Sleep, English cutscene: 49 - Xehanort the Captive Now take a look at what Braig looks like in this scene (look at the same...
  15. tri-blade

    RE:Coded Secret ending the Return

    RE:Coded Secret ending the Return Holy.....0_o Look what I just found YouTube - [English] Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Ending - HD Heeeeeeeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!! I know what KH3D's might be about now 0_0
  16. tri-blade

    OMG OMG LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe I found this. Major spoiler so think carefully before you click. I MEAN IT. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Mysterious Enemy [Ventus Secret Boss Battle] Best boss battle ever. Of all time.
  17. tri-blade

    Just for the KH LOL's

    This is just for laughs. Nothing more. I think the producers of RvB were playing Kingdom Hearts when they made these episodes. Can you spot the KH inside jokes in these episodes? YouTube - Under the Weather YouTube - Things Are Looking Down This one you have to think more about. Finally, a...
  18. tri-blade


    I was watching the GamesCom trailer located here: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep GamesCom trailer op GamersNET.nl When you listen to a certain point, MX calls Vanitas "Ven-Eat-Us" 0_o Hopefully, they will change that before the game comes out >_<
  19. tri-blade

    Final Fantasy appearance

    Which two FF characters would you want to see come to the kingdom hearts games? My first FF character would be Genesis from FF7 crisis core because he is both a good and evil character that is much better that Sephiroth (hoping he is a secret boss) My second FF character would be Terra from...
  20. tri-blade

    Behind the split up (BBS spoilers)

    To all of the people who have spoiled themselves can keep reading. If you do not want to be spoiled, you might want to stop reading here. Hi everyone, I am Tri-blade and I am new to the forums. Now, we all know that for one year, Terra and Master Xehanort were sharing the same body while being...