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  1. KingdomSoul333

    frustration at the lack of commands

    Anyone else kinda upset at the lack of commands in kingdom hearts 3d? I understand that they used a lot of their ideas for commands on birth by sleep, so I understand the lack of a bunch of new commands, but I do think that they should have included more commands than the did. Also I am a bit...
  2. KingdomSoul333

    I'm back!

    Most of you guys probably dont know me all that well, im one of those people who checks up every once in a while but doesnt post often. I am probably gonna be on more often now since KH3D comes out in a week and i can avoid spoilers now (for the most part). i am excited to see what work has been...
  3. KingdomSoul333

    how important do you think the circle pad will be for kh3d?

    The title says it all. Do you think it will be completely necessary to 3d or do you think that it is just extra. Im asking because im wondering if i should buy it when i get kh3d.
  4. KingdomSoul333

    I think I understand how Vanitas can return...

    The only reason that Ven could survive when his heart was split was because he merged hearts with Sora. ( and Ven's "light side" was larger than his darkness.) So i am thinking that Vanitas must have merged hearts with MX, which could be why he is apparently inside of YMX in KH3D. Idk if this...
  5. KingdomSoul333

    so im playing kh2 again

    I never noticed this the first time i played it, its been a few years cuz my ps2 broke, and sora actually has a sense of humor in this game, does anyone want him to be like that in 3d?
  6. KingdomSoul333

    kingdom hearts 3d switchoff

    i was just watching the trailer again and i remembered that nomura said something about a sora that falls and a riku that flies. in the trailer it shows riku surrounded by heartless and he looks up and sees sora "falling" it then switches to sora battling. basically i was thinking that this is...
  7. KingdomSoul333

    i just has a random thought

    does anyone think that while namine was inside of castle oblivion, she came across ven? actually she was born there, correct? maybe she was born in the chamber of waking and that is what makes her so tied to soras heart, being created near ven.
  8. KingdomSoul333

    has anyone

    beat the secret bosses in BBSFM? if so are there any videos? thanks.
  9. KingdomSoul333

    in recoded's ending...

    i am confused about something, in the ending of the game, when it showed terra ven and aqua standing there as a representation of their hurt, namine said afterwards that he has met two of them but the other one has a special connection to him (i assume this is ventus) so does that mean he has...
  10. KingdomSoul333

    am i the only one?

    am i the only one who doesnt waste his time reading Nomura's interviews for insight on KH? i just stick with what the game tells me and nothing more, i dont need Nomura to tell me how to interpret the game.
  11. KingdomSoul333

    about vens heart

    so i just had a random thought and please dont complain about how its wrong just give me your opinions in a non-snotty way please. people are wondering if vens heart is in roxas and many people say "no only kairis was released" well i was kinda thinking do you think it is possible for vens...
  12. KingdomSoul333

    Mysterious figure

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Secret Boss Battle i was watching this video and i noticed that xemnas does some of the fading in and out just like MF, this could have something to do with who MF really is.
  13. KingdomSoul333

    about the secret ending.

    do you think that when he says if mx was not alone... does he mean vanitas?
  14. KingdomSoul333

    after seeing

    the secret ending for recoded, i am now wondering what could KH 3d possibly be about? maybe the mark of mastery?
  15. KingdomSoul333

    question about last episode

    so basically i did terra and vens stories on proud mode, but then i got to aqua, and i started playing on proud and i realized that aquas story is way harder. so i dumbed it down to standard for aqua only, does that mean i can still unlock last episode even though 2 are proud and 1 is standard?
  16. KingdomSoul333

    who do you think is the toughest?

    who is the toughest keyblade wielder in your opinion?
  17. KingdomSoul333

    about BBS

    i downloaded the trailer for bbs on my psp and watched it and i was wondering if it looks exactly like that or if it is sharper. because the commands look a little blurry during gameplay scenes. does anyone know?
  18. KingdomSoul333

    i have another theory about this new boss and 3DS

    well because of these threads... http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/153095-inverted-sora.html http://forums.khinsider.com/spoilers/153118-please-read-kh3d-bbs-secret-boss.html#post5228240 i believe the theory about kh3d being about a mirror world. so what this thread is about is...
  19. KingdomSoul333

    3DS true name

    what do you think 3ds stands for? i'm thinking destiny data dive or data driven destiny because of the fact that in BBS we find out about the data hidden in sora's heart and i think that is what this game will be about.
  20. KingdomSoul333

    do you think this could be the same place?

    the title says it all. http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/3894/kbw181rx.jpg http://www.ffexodus.com/khcom/images/crossroad.jpg