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    ~/~*Frozen Fate Fanclub*~\~

    Eddie, my good friend, here is the rebirth of your fanclub. Maybe with an earlier start, it can be more popular. Here ya go, bud. Members: keybladeofsteel Angelsinflight Gullwing Yunie Xeno Xombie Eternal Snow Snow Candy Blue Sky Dragonstar1715 All Star Gamer Gildragon TwilightMan The...
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    */Eternal Snow Fanclub\*

    I win on making the new one. <3 'Kay, Eternal Snow. She was formerly ILoveKH2ForLife, and then she turned premmie and changed her username. Easy to understand, right? Well, the logic of most of the conversations that happen in here won't be as easy as that. Join at your own damn risk...
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    The Narutards (Naruto fan club)

    I heard there was one already, but I couldn't find it. So, I made this one. Members: keybladeofsteel, represents Sasuke Uchiha shadow_heartless, represents Shikamaru Nara Endless Flames (qwe), represents ravi_the_KH_luve, represents Laxtory, represents Naruto Uzumaki Eliza, represents...
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    ~}The neloangelo fan club{~

    He joins almost everyone's fan club and is just plain awesome. So I figured, what the hell? 'Tis is da neloangelo fan club. Members: keybladeofsteel foreverkingdom Endless Flames (qwe) shadow_heartless HadesDragon Mysterious Laxtory keybearer Samantha16 Sorachaser555 Knuckles608 Key To Destiny...
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    _The shadow_heartless fanclub_

    She's my number one crazy hyper random girl, so I made her a fan club. Go Mimi! <333333 Hearts at Mimi. Members: keybladeofsteel bwak lance104 Hikari713 acein12 SORA RULEZ!!!! khluva010 ThePowerOfPie neloangelo Laxtory Sorachaser555 DWRoxas
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    (}~The unbroken_shadow fanclub~{)

    Ashley, you are a great friend. You are always nice to me, and were always there for me if I needed help. So, this fan club is for you! =D <3 Uh, no haters please. EDIT: And Muffins, don't do that again. Members: keybladeofsteel Hikari713
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    The KH_Fan_4_eva-2 fanclub

    Lulz, here ya go Lilli. I felt like making you one. <33333333333333 Enjoy! =D Members: keybladeofsteel Sammii <3 (ILoveKh2ForLife) Ultima-Sora Gullwing Yunie Jub Jub376 Frozen Fate osmshowkh riku741
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    The Zeppelin/Sabbath club

    This club is for Zeppelin and Sabbath fans. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, that is. Hope ya guys join. =D Members: keybladeofsteel (me of course) Frozen Fate
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    Black Sabbath

    Who else loves Black Sabbath!?
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    I noticed something.....

    I noticed something. In Bleach episode 1, remember that little girl spirit? The one that Ichigo gave flowers to at the beginning of the episode? Well, later in town, remember how Ichigo was running with her from the hollow and Rukia came and saved the day and then just walked off? Well, why...
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    Final Fantasy VII

    I know it is a decade old, but I absolutely need it. Does anyone know where I can get Final Fantasy VII for PS1 for a good price!?!?!?!?!?!?! HELP ME!!!!!!!