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  1. dwroxas16

    Play arts kai keyblades

    Hello everyone. Recently I purchased the Aqua play arts kai figure on eBay. Unfortunately when it got here, I noticed the keyblades that were included were counterfeits. I am currently trying to see if I can return it. However, I also had the idea of just purchasing the keyblades separately, but...
  2. dwroxas16

    Aqua Play arts kai announced!

    An Aqua Play arts kai was anounced?! Square Enix Reveals New Kingdom Hearts Aqua Figure - News - www.GameInformer.com https://twitter.com/SQEX_Merch_EMEA/status/826813236444016644/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw So cool! no release date so far. Here's hoping Terra and Ven will be anounced soon.
  3. dwroxas16

    Looking for some friendly people and some writing advice

    Hey guys, I've been here a little while, kind of just leaching off news and such fun stuff, but I actually kind of want to be a Part of the community part, y'know? so yeah just looking to say hi and stuff. Also, I've been trying to write a khfiction for a long while now and it's fun but it's...
  4. dwroxas16

    IGN Top 100 weapons: #56 Keyblade

    I didn't see a post for this so I thought I'd just put it up Keyblade - #56 Top Video Game Weapons - IGN Ign's top 100 weapons, Keyblade made #56.
  5. dwroxas16

    A "Keyblade of Heart"

    So i was rereading all the Xeahnort reports in BbS, and I noticed something in Report 6, Ok, so this keyblade is obviously Ansem/Riku's keyblade of heart in KH1. but what I realized is that this says its the only keyblade that can open the door to Kingdom Hearts. now I am also assuming that...
  6. dwroxas16

    Speculation on what comes first: 3D or Birth by Sleep Vol. 2/Mystery game

    So by now a lot of people are thinking (myself included) that the Mystery game is a sequel to Birth by Sleep. And we also know that the announced 3D (dream. drop. distance.) will be coming out. Now between the theories of BbS2 being on PSP2 or PSP brings an obvious gap in time. My question is...
  7. dwroxas16

    How do you get all the keyblades in the game?

    I know there are like keyblades you can get if you go back and revisit worlds and etc. for any one of those keys, can someone put descriptive way of how to obtain them? because i literally have no clue. and I cannot find out anywhere. Thanks for any help!
  8. dwroxas16

    Any idea if there is going to be a Strategy Guide?

    KH Re:Coded is 8 days away!... and there is no word of a strategy guide? Did I miss an announcement of there not being one by Brady Games? I just can't believe that there would be one and no one know anything about it. I hope there is one. but yea so, anyone know anything?
  9. dwroxas16

    English Re:coded gameplay from Comic Con

    title says it all, from new york comic con, Re:coded demo gameplay (kinda crappy but still fun) http://www.neocrisis.com/news/135-game-news/5704-new-kingdom-hearts-recoded-video-from-nycc the website is Neocrisis: New Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Video from NYCC - English | N4G so credit to them.
  10. dwroxas16

    Concerning the x-Blade...

    So the x-Blade is the ultimate Key in the KH series. and if you know what it is, thn you know that it consists of two kingdom keys. well my question is did this become the Kingdom Key we all know to be Sora's in some way? or does it just look like it. cause I just feel, knowing KH, there has to...
  11. dwroxas16

    Old BbS Keyblade keychains gone international

    If this is all ready up thn im sorry. just tryin to help. The BbS Keyblade keychains, you know the shiny silver ones, are now international from Square Enix. here's the site t all of the keyblades, i think a couple new and a few pix. enjoy...
  12. dwroxas16

    No Spoilers anyone??

    Ok, so im like really hyped for BbS, but am i like the only one that doesnt want t see any spoilers? great it came out in japan. im waitn t see it the way we are supposed to see it when it comes here in america, so i dont want t know anythin either. anyone else feel this way? oh, i like seeing...
  13. dwroxas16

    Nomura says there were secret scenes in the trailer

    So Nomura said there were secret clips in the new trailer. which ones do you think are the secret clips? And I dont thnk he means the secret video at the end, does he??
  14. dwroxas16

    possible american release dates??

    So, I think BbS could make it over here by March-April. Anyone else??
  15. dwroxas16

    kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep play arts figures.

    So i got a couple of kingdom hearts play arts figures for christmas and it go me thinking... will there be new Play arts figures based off of Kingdom hearts Birth by Sleep?? I personally hope so. if you do or dont, leave a post and say which BbS character you want most to become a play arts...
  16. dwroxas16

    think King Mickey should be playable in BbS??

    Well the title pretty much says it all, think we will play as the king in Birth by Sleep?? I mean come on... he is on the unofficial box art cover. coment!
  17. dwroxas16

    BbS PSP combo better come to america

    Ok, so I really like the idea of a Kingdom Hearts PSP, but then it hit me... we never get any of those combo things! I just want anyones opinion about the idea, whether we"ll get one, do they care, etc. I hope the PSP makes things a little different. after all, we got the FF Dissidia combo...
  18. dwroxas16

    Birth By Sleep Keyblades changed?!?!

    Ok, I thought Ven, Terra, and Aqua's Keyblades all looked awsome. but then the this scan came up(http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/famitsu_091210_01-02.jpg). all the keyblades were changed. the only one I still like is Ven's. Terra's was the coolest, but now i think its lame. AND they...
  19. dwroxas16

    International KH: 358/2 DSi???

    So I'm really excited for this game and think its going to rock. saw the Japanese KH DSi, looked pretty cool; but i have yet to hear about it going either international or not. i mean since i haven't heard no, thats good; but is it a yes?? If anyone has info, post it hear.