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  1. Chaosmax

    Fanfiction ► Kingdomhearts: Scattered Memories

    Man its been a while since I wrote a story :/ Couple of things to note before reading this. 1. It's an AU fic and will show how over the course of the fic. 2. There's a reason he's called the leader and not a name yet 3. If your confused about the prologue more than likely your answers will be...
  2. Chaosmax

    Kingdomhearts....why like it??

    Ok now this will be an opposite thread to the one I made a while ago. To put it simply, why do you like kingdomhearts? I mean what seperates it from other games and what got you interested in the series in the first place.
  3. Chaosmax

    Kingdom Hearts...why hate it?

    A simple question really, I want to know why so many were disappointed in certain or all kh games after the first?? Please do not flame others in this thread, thank you.
  4. Chaosmax

    Bleach: Beginning of the End

    Signups thread: http://forums.khinsider.com/signups-discussion/162280-bleach-beginning-end-signups-discussion.html The demon groaned as the sun’s heat beat down on him it wasn’t nothing compared to hells flames but he hated the heat regardless. His eyes were fixated on a nearby school that...
  5. Chaosmax

    Bleach: Beginning of the End Signups/Discussion

    Bleach: Beginning of the End Canon RP thread: http://forums.khinsider.com/canon-roleplays/162416-bleach-beginning-end.html Soul Society: Dear diary, I’m beginning to fear for my life as the days pass on. Our captain says the war between us and the Vizards is inevitable and that he was...
  6. Chaosmax

    Bleach RP?

    Hey all I was thinking about making a new Bleach RP but before I do I wanted to see how many are up for it. Here's basically what I have now for the story. Plot: Soul Society has been ravaged for decades now with the ongoing war between the 13 court guards and the Vizards. Recently one of...
  7. Chaosmax

    Kingdomhearts: The savage end

    Well man'g this is our first battle lets make it a good one. Arena: The World That Never Was Rules: Simple RP Rules No Powerplaying No Godmodding Tone down the explicit language Once you put up your temp you can have the first move DR.
  8. Chaosmax

    Criminal Minds

    Didn't see a thread of this and if so then please tell me and I will happily have a mod close it. This show is amazing man my favorite character is Dr. Reid and I love what they're doing to him right now with the whole schizophrenia. So what do you guys like about the show and what are your...
  9. Chaosmax

    Best battles

    Pretty simple, what was your favorite battles in Re:coded and why? Here's mine in this order. 1. Data Riku (all battles) 2. Data Sora's Heartless all battles 3. Final fight with Roxas 1. Because the whole scene with what happened with Riku was just seemed touching to me. I loved the tension...
  10. Chaosmax

    NBA 2K11

    Head this was a pretty good game and after watching some youtube videos I must agree however before I buy it I want your opinions....so is it any good? (Planning to get it for my laptop and psp)
  11. Chaosmax

    Terra help

    There is probably a thread on this already and if so please give me the link and I'll close this one, now then.....how do you unlock all of Terra's shootlock's? I'm near the end of the game yet I've only have three.
  12. Chaosmax

    Linkin Park

    I don't think there's a thread for this band so I decided to make one, so.....anybody listen to them? What's ur favorite song?
  13. Chaosmax

    Fanfiction ► Dark Temptations

    Ok so I’ve been thinking of a new story to do and so far I’ve thought of this one a lot and decided to go with it. No BBS spoilers in here, so ppl who have/haven't played the game can still enjoy the story. Setting: The story takes place in a far away world called Dawn Town; it is basically like...
  14. Chaosmax

    Powers/ Abilities of the keyblade?

    Ok now that most of use have seen bbs I have a question to ask.... Is unlocking your heart and putting it somewhere else one of the keyblades abilities? I mean in KH1 Riku had that keyblade (fogot what the name was) and said "but unlike yours, my keyblade has the ability to unlock people's...
  15. Chaosmax

    Fanfiction ► Tale of Oblivion

    Ok this is a new fanfic I came up with, first off I want to explain that this takes place 10 years after Sora beats Orginization XIII. Currently there are two bad groups, the disney villains and three people bearing the orginization's cloak; they call themselves "The Dark Ones". Alright then...
  16. Chaosmax


    Srry if this thread has been used a bunch if so can an administrator please close thise thread. Now then, as all of u have seen in the recent subbed version of the BBS secret ending we have seen the phrase "Reconnect Kingdomhearts" now just what does this mean? Can someone please explain this...
  17. Chaosmax


    I know it hasn't been confirmed on who the secret boss is but, I need some questions answered( if u can answer them for me). 1. Is it a different secret boss for each character? 2. Nomura stated that the battle would be of power and not life, so does this person have a huge amount of life? 3...
  18. Chaosmax

    Vanitas destroys L.o.D????

    We have now seen the trailer and whats to come to L.o.D, but if u look at 4:38-4:41 M.E. says "You shouldn't even exist!", but who is it that isn't suppose to exist? Is it Vanitas whose name means emptiness? MX warns Terra that it is Vanitas who is disturbing the balance of the worlds and...
  19. Chaosmax

    Your Favorite ► Favortie KH Villain

    I don't know if this has been posted yet but based on what u guys have seen from the trailers and gameplay, who is ur favorite KH Villain? For me right now it's between xemnas (cause of his cool powers) and MX. Now u guys discuss, criticize, mock, qoute, vote, do whatever.
  20. Chaosmax

    Main KH3 Character

    We all know that Sora is going o open the door to light in kh3 because its his destiny, but what if u could choose which character you could play as in kingdomhearts3? Don't think about the story(u can if u want 2) just which character would you play as? Sora, King Mickey, Riku,Terra, Aqua, or...