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    KH2 all just a dream? *COM spoilers*

    At the end Sora's story in COM, he goes into the "pod" so he can sleep while Namine connects the chains of Sora's memory back together. What I was thinking was, what if the KH2 is the dream that Sora is having while Namine puts back the links of Soras memory? It would explain a little why...
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    Best RPG's?

    I was looking for a new RPG for the summer, but there are so many I don't know what to choose. What are some of the best RPG's you've played that you would recomend other then FF and KH?
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    KH/COM trading cards?

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    KH: Clue

    I just had the idea, so don't post if its crappy. Plot: People from KH are staying in a big old creapy house for one week. At the end of the week they will all go to a party celebrating the release of KH2. Everyone is edggy when they get into the house for reasons of their own. After they have...
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    Will the site ever go back?

    Do you think the site will ever return to normal, plz explain why you think yes or no. I personaly think no, even though most of the people don't like the new look, the admids/mods are way to stuborn to change the look unless more then half of us leave the fourms for good, then they may...