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    KH and Growing PLayers

    Discuss... Okay so im 16 going on 17...average dude...skate got to go to college in one year....and play games One of those games include Kingdom hearts Lets cut to the chase. I think. i will be too old for Kingdom Hearts if they keep going after 3 (WHich i DOUT) KH3 will be announce sometime in...
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    Your Thoughts on The All Black Keyblade

    this could mean a new enemy or a new form of keyblades i think that the all black keyblade symbolizes Pure Evil or a good keyblade gone Dark
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    http://www.khinsider.com/images/HandheldKHScans/fp8rqc.png ok those creatures that Terra are fighting in Cinderella's world is weird looking and does not really look like Heartlesses 2 me the reason i say this is i thought that Heartlesses have Bright Yellow glowing eyes those creatures have...
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    New Logo insignia or symbol

    http://www.khinsider.com/images/HandheldKHScans/iwnozr.jpg Ven and Terra both have this new kool symbol on their outfits Terra's is on his belt buckle and Ven's is on his zipper also did anyone notice that both Ven and terra have that X strap thingy on them and they have like 1 arm part of the...
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    No plans For Kingdom Hearts Portable

    PSP Emulation News PSP Gaming PSP Hardware PSP Homebrew PSP hacking PSP Updates Playstation Portable PSP movies PSP consoles PSP Shop Buy Preoder PSP Here Square-enix is working hard on Crisis Core and has no plans for a kingdom Hearts Handheld game Source: PSP-Vault :: PSP downloads...
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    Fake..but awsome

    this is a very good KH3 box art made by someone i googled kingdom hearts 3 for fun and this came up i think its awsome and very well done
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    ES's KEYBLADE and Keychain

    i know you guys will think that im thinkin way too much but when you look at the pic of his keyblade (look at sig) you see s little hole. i think this hole was for a keychain that was supposed to be there and he took it off or something. i dno just check the pic in my sig out and ideas willl come
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    How long do You Think The Secret Ending Will Be?

    From the looks of all the scans the secret ending looks like it will be long because the original is like 2 minutes and i remeber reading the new secret ending is the secret ending except extended. i really hope it is going to be like 7 minutes because i got to see what happens. Also, it should...
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    New Characters

    i prnt screened the new trailer for Final mix. if this is old sry i havent been on here in a long time http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/1707/kngitcu3.png
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    Final Mix Japan, America or Both

    I really want this game but i dont know what system its coming out for so can someone tell me thanks
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    namine look alike lol

    i was on myspace and i saw dis lady she looks just like namine dont u guyz think lol if dat dont work http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/6774/namine1kz.jpg
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    Wuts up with the crowns???????????

    ok this is a spoiler but i dont want this to be in the spoiler section cuz ppl view this section most but anywayz ok first we saw Xemnas wearing an armor outfit and we thought it was his final outfit or somin but then we saw the secret ending and we notice Xemnas wears almost the same thing...
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    ok this is not a theory so dont freak out this is about Xheonhort's name how come his name already has an X in it and he isnt a nobody? is it possible to have 2 X's in a nobodies name or do the nobodies make up their own names or somin can someone plz explain
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    was he supposed 2 be in the game?

    i coulda sworn i read somewhere dat christopher robin was goin to be in the game but i didnt see him at all i think i read this is one of the kh fan websites
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    who do these guyz look like

    i think this thread is kinda point less but i wanted to show the comparison
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    save the king+

    is this real?? i saw item guide on gamefaqs.com and it says save the king and save the king+ has 2 be synthesis 2 make im bout 2 try it but can anyone tell me if this is fake
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    Big Newssss

    props 2 www.kh-2.net
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    i didnt know did could happen!!!

    i didnt know the form gauge could go up higher than 8 wuts the max that it could go 2 does this mean i can get the drive bar higher than 7 without usin a drive form? and i didnt cheat this is in the game
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    that was from this one website i found sayin dat Zexion Was killed or destroyed. if this is true y do ppl say he escaped or anything i dno if this is false and i did beat KH:COM both stories but i forgot most of it like sora did
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    fightin rai

    how do u fight rai it says u could in jiminies journal