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    358/2 Days Cool Idea!!!

    Okay i was re-playing kingdom hearts 2 a couple minutes ago and i got to thinking. Okay so every Organization member has there own nobody to control right!!! so maybe in 358/2 Days when you play as an Organization member you can summon the members nobody!!! to help you!!! :thumbsup:
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    Swap MAGIC

    Does the swap magic 3.6 work for your PS3 because I really want to play kingdom hearts final mix :huh:
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    Destiney Islands Door

    Okay i do not know if anyone has posted this but do you think destiny islands will be a level in any of the new Kingdom Hearts games (bbs, 358/2 days, coded) and that the new games will reveal what the door on destiny islands in the cave is and whats behind it. Or that in kingdom hearts coded...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 and Gamertag at E3

    Hi!!! i dont know if anyone else saw or posted this but on Tuesdays episode of X-Play they showed gamertag at E3 and he mentioned Kingdom Hearts 3 its not much but its kinda funny so hope you enjoy!!! G4 - X-Play - Features copy and paste adress!!!
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    Olympus Colliseum ( HELP PLEASE )

    All I need to do in the Journel is finish every mission in Olympus Colliseum, but it is really hard so can anyone give me hints on these mission 1. Phil's Training - Mainiac Mode 1,000 points The Unnderdrome Cup 2. Pain and Panic Cup - 2,000 or more points 3. Cerberus Cup - 1,000 or more...
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    6 Orchilium+

    I just finished getting everything for the ultima weapon, but here's my problem I know that I got the 7 orchilium and I know you use an energy crystal, but the moogle only said I had 6.
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    Level 7 Help

    Okay I have Valor, Wisdom, and Master Form and I leveled them all up to 5, but it won't let me go any higher than 5 so what is the problem.
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    Mission Help

    1. Agrabah - Magic Carpet / I need help on the magic Carpet to get 65 points 2. Tron - Light Cycle / I need help on the light Cycle to get 30 points
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    Level Up Forms

    I really need help on level up forms I know how to level up, but are there any good places to level up any of the forms
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    A Blustery Rescue ( HELP )

    I need help on the First 100 acre. wood minigame " A Blustery Rescue ", because I'm trying to finish Jimminy's Journel ( or however you spell that ) and I can't get 18,000 points to complete the mission, so does anyone have any stradegy's on how to get it.
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    Orcilium+ ( KH2 )

    I only have 6 orcilium+ and I need 13 for the Ultimate Keyblade do you know where the other 7 are?
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    Help ( spoiler )

    I need help on the Xigbar fight I can get him to the 2nd bar but, then he just kills me. Do I need to level up more, have certain items, or like upgrade my forms what do I do ? :(
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    KH2 commercial

    Iv'e been watching Comedy Central today and when I was watching Mad TV it came on during the commercial, and 5min ago I was Watching Mad TV and it came on again so I recorded it. Just thought someone might want to see it.
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    What Guide

    What cover for the L.E. Guide would you like to have, I would like to have the final or master form cover if there is one, If there isn't I would want the Valor form cover.
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    Organization Tomb pics

    Can anyone give me the tombstone pics of Demyx and Zexions destroyed tombstone.
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    Ok I saw a video with Roxas, and he had a yellow crayon and in these three circles on a table he drew a symbol under the nobodies symbol and the heartless symbol? Can someone explain what this this thing was or what the symbol was?
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Website ? ( NA )

    I was just wondering since we all have heard the realese date why hasn't the NA website updated anything. :confused:
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    Out of Curiosity...?

    Just out of curiosity who pre-ordered KH2, and the limeted adition stradegy guide, or the regular guide. I pre-ordered the limeted edition guide today at Game Crazy and they took $10 off, because I already pre-ordered the game. soooo yeah. :)
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    Organization 13 Elements

    Does anyone know like, who controls what in the organization example: Axel controls Fire / Larxerne controls thunder etc... :)
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    Need Names of...

    Does anyone have the names and locations of donald and goofy's weapon's. ( in KH2 ) :)