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    Would This be Considered a Virus?

    Ok Yes, i have been having some really weird PC problems. My computer is horible as it is, it only has like 17gigs to start off with, but i consumed a good 15 gigs, so there are 2 gigs left, then suddenly today when i turned on my computer... It only has 141mb, what happened? is This a virus?
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    My Kh Idea

    I have thought of this one for a while...give some opinions Prelude to the game: We start off right after the ending of kh2 Deep Dive. We see that a ton of keyblades lying on the desert ground. This was a battle of the keyblade war. There are many lost in this war.These keyblade warriors had...
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    Did this Game "move" you?

    Yeah, well do you feel like a different person, Anew? or anything Well i sure turned different For like the last month or so, I havent been thinking of anything but kingdom hearts, and anticipation for kh3 Yeah the game touched me to, the story is to good. Dam wish life was the same as a kh game...
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    Kh3 Confirmed yet?

    Yeah i feel real bad even making a topic like this, but its gona kill me inside if i dont Please tell me if it is confirmed yet, i Havent been Pzying att much to if it was, and it be nice to hear some info on it Please no flaming, or flame me, it just hit me to say this topic Mods after i get...
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    Any Good J-Pop/J-Rock?

    Yeah well loking for some good j-pop/j-rock to listen to any1 have any good ideas? well if theres a nother thread like this close this one
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    ff12 and ff13....very confused

    ok ff12 coming out in thanksgiving time thanksgiving= november, ps3 release date= nov 17th (i think) in the U.S ff13 coming out WITH the ps3 as i saw in e3 live on g4 so there both coming out in novemeber eh...and only 1 week different...somethings wrong....please help :confused:
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    DragonQuest VIII question

    ok ive had the game for a while and it is fun as heck but im kinda confused...how do i get the world map?
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    Fanfiction ► Twilight Life- Roxas's Story

    Twilight Life This is my first fan fiction. I’ve worked hard on this. I hope You guys do like it. After reading the first chapter please rates it for me. Be positive and negative, but don’t be to negative, and cause flaming and other nonsense This is my version. So if you disagree with some...
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    axel vs demyx

    who would you think would win lol Would it be the guy screamind "DANCEWATERDANCE" every 5 seconds... or the other dude who "thinks" he has anger issues lol Ahh this fights gona be interestant if there was another thread close this 1 remeber axel uses fire demyx uses water and also demyx...
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    FF12 realease date?

    when is it coming out is it october 4th this year? i really dont know, my friend was making up these rumors, that something hapened in s-e and that now its being delayed far back and ff13 will come out before i got extremely confused some1 please help me if theres a thread like this...
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    should i finally beat the game?

    i mean i can beat the game im upto pride lands x2 and im level 72 i have the power..but something is telling me no i can beat the game, but theres no replay value in it to me theres also the problem with the storyline after this game i have a sad feeling the kh storyline is over (just me) and...
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    My kh3 Theory

    this is my thoery of what is going to happen in kh3: all the evnts of the future with the keybladers...this is in the future the story plots as sora is the 13TH keyblader, and there were 12 before him, all still alive the story did not end...now they must set on a new journey, being the...
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    What i liked and didnt like

    gameplay wise....the game was extremely fun..storyline was CRAZY AWESOME...but there are also flaws to the story. I did not like that this felt like the end...it made meee feel like..comon square enix u can pull in more kh series. One thing i really did not like was that there was very little...
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    Looking for a game

    im after buying a game im looking for a game for ps2, cuz thats my only system I am looking for a rpg ofcourse.. Something touchy and a love story like KH(one of the best) love ya nomura for making it so any1 have any ideas?
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    Final Fantasy Fight

    with my freinds we made up a question.. who would win in a fight between auron and cloud? this fight is in REAL LIFE CONDITIONS with no sci-fi nonsense remeber auron uses a katana Cloud uses a extremely heavy buster sword Some of clouds move are extremely sci-fi and doesnt look like it will...
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    Final Form...

    i really do not understand how to get it...i kniow its random..but does it happen more in different areas. and i really do not understand anti form at all any help?
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    Noobs Ftw?

    Hey im new.. My Name is Dev Im a huge fan of Kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy And all square enix games.. Ive been playing since i was 5 =D So wutsup?
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    Do you think KingDom Hearts 3 will come out?

    As I have heard from my friend after he beat it two days after kingdom hearts two has come out..he has found news of Kingdom hearts Three. Now as I have just heard about this and the touchy story of kh2, I have tried looking for information on this game I have googled it and I have not found...