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  1. jgoldman76


    I recently read a poem by Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges and it really reminded me of KH3’s focus on the chessboard. The game of chess is intertwined with the theme of fate. I am really excited to see how fate and the book of prophecies impact the end of Sora’s adventure, and how the...
  2. jgoldman76

    The Thing I’m Most Excited About Being Resolved in KH3.

    With the secret ending of Re:coded, we learned that Master Xehanort is able to come back because of his heartless and nobody. This has led me to some pretty crazy hypotheticals: 1. What if Ansem and Xemnas are defeated in the Final Battle. Would that bring back another Master Xehanort, where we...
  3. jgoldman76

    Alleged and baseless spoilers that are probably not true [SPOILERS]

    So Xigbar is MoM? ... ... ... CLEVER LITTLE SNEAK!
  4. jgoldman76

    A Villian Return Confirmed?

    My hopes is that he uses his invisibility mechanic and goes through a door and takes out Clayton from Tarzan and then Clayton tries to ride Randal and then it’s both a throwback to KH1 and bad slash.
  5. jgoldman76

    Multiple Endings Theory

    So I don’t know if this has been addressed elsewhere. If so, sorry. But I’ve been thinking about the potential ending for KH3, and my mind is still spinning from when Nomura said this ending was something he’s been wanting to do since his ff days. I’m not a big ff guy, but I was...
  6. jgoldman76


    My line of thinking is that the summons we have seen so far (examples:Ariel and Dream Eaters) already have ties to Sora’s heart. I am almost certain that before Ralph can be a summon, he has to have some prior contact with Sora. As of now, I don’t know if they’ll do something weird with...
  7. jgoldman76

    L.A. Symphony Orchestra Tickets Are Being Sold Now

    I just wanted to make a brief announcement for those that want to go to the kingdom hearts symphony orchestra in Los Angeles that they have opened up ticket sales officially on Los Angeles music center website. :)
  8. jgoldman76

    E3 Tickets

    Hey guys, public tickets to E3 expo June 12-14 are out now. I got mine and I'm super pumped for what Kingdom Hearts 3 info will be revealed there! Don't miss out!