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  1. Obscured fire


    Wells,this place got no use for me anymore,so yeah,bye ppl,any1 of my friends who still wanna contact me may send me msg on hotmail or yahoo, that's all,see ya some other time guys!
  2. Obscured fire

    Kingdom Hearts RE:chain of memories english cutscenes and gameplay

    IGN Video: Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories PlayStation 2 Gameplay - IGN Video: Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories PlayStation 2 Gameplay - Alright people,these scenes are from reverse rebirth,but they're still english.I know that the 1st cutscene has been posted so i won't post it...
  3. Obscured fire

    Azixel's draws

    Yeah,decided to make a thread with my draws on DA,well i haven't updated for a while,cause i've been pretty busy with school and tests,so you understand.As you'll see i have problem with the anatomy and the shading of my chars. Any flamings will be just flamed back,any other opinions,suggestions...
  4. Obscured fire

    Byebye Kersha

    Some of us surely know Kersha Fangs. Well she is leaving ;_; They are taking away her pc cause she is a therapy,and once she've made enough progress in bher behavior she'll have her pc back. The thing is that she won't be able to get on,so i am rly going to miss her ;_; Take care my lil sis!
  5. Obscured fire

    ~reviewing KH interviews~ Nomura's interviews from 2004 since now

    As i said,i'd post a thread or at least a post on my review thread about Nomura's interview. Decided to make a thread instead.Here you are. 2004 Tetsuya NomuraKH2/KH:CoM - Famitsu #1 Nomura Check Will FF charaters be appearing in this game as well?[/B] Nomura: They will. But, the FF...
  6. Obscured fire

    ~The Twilight Prince fan-club!!!!~

    One of my really good pals,i think he deserves a fan-club,so here it is!!!! ~Members~ ~Obscured fire ~The Twilight Prince ~bluesky-X ~king_mickey rule ~Yannis ~sorafan1203 ~ValleyofChrome ~Lenny264 ~HadesDragon
  7. Obscured fire

    ~The Thraxe Fan-Club~

    My buddy Thaxe reached 1000 posts a while ago,and as i promised him i'd making a fan-club. So there you are my friend! I just hope he'll find out xD ~Members~ ~Obscured fire ~Thraxe ~bluesky-X ~rixam ~ValleyofChrome(?) ~Agent007(?) ~king_mickey rule
  8. Obscured fire

    Let's review

    So,since the last updates came up,it would be good to review some things,for the people that haven't noticed what happened the entire month. This thread will be updated everytime there is something new.People can post interviews e.t.c,that are on the main page of khi,cause some people ignore...
  9. Obscured fire

    ~Happy b-day OBLIVION WIELDER!!!!~

    Two days ago was my rly good buddy's b-day HAPPY B-DAY OBLIVION WEILDER!!!! Stavourou-kun my best wishes!!!!!!!!! =D
  10. Obscured fire


    HEY PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPS!!!!!! I AM FINALLY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed ya all so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fina;;y i can be on every time i want to,and just in time,they closed the internet cafe XD
  11. Obscured fire

    ~The xikem Fan-club~

    Since i just found out that he has 1000 posts,and he doesn't have a fan-club,i decided to make him one,cause he is a rly good person ^_^ Members Eliza xikem bluesky-X rixam neloangelo ThePowerOfPie Ramen Allstargamer DW Roxas TheLastKnight Dealer_Camel Dark Sora 07 Max/souleater Skater Nobody...
  12. Obscured fire

    Uhm...new magazine scans.

    I don't know what happens here,cause i am almost never on as i used to be,so plz don't flame,but if those are new magazine scans,could someone PLEASE translate those ones? http://www.jeux-france.com/Webmasters/Images/61161020071027_193510_0_big.jpg
  13. Obscured fire

    *The Gottaluvkh fan club*

    This guy is my boss!?!??! O_o *hides* Anyways,i wanted to make him a fan-club so that he will have a place to celebrate when he will get his 1000 posts ^_^ And since my internet connection will be fixed these days i won't have any problem. So then join if you want^_^ --------------------...
  14. Obscured fire

    So depressed

    Look at what is come to...i never saw it coming...but i am leaving... Not cause someone hurt me,no,if that was the reason,i might have left 20 times since now xD It is just cause something happened to my internet connection and i won't have internet for...maybe 1day to 1 month :cry: I will try...
  15. Obscured fire

    An interesting pic

    I think that it says everything,don't you think?:rolleyes: Comments and no flames please. I am really excited with day's news here O_o
  16. Obscured fire

    Do YOU mind?(again)

    Yeah yeah,after all that mess,i mde again this thread and i ask once again if would you mind if in the next kh the main character is a girl e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c I don't. Yeah yeah,feel free to flame >.>
  17. Obscured fire

    The KershaFangs FUN CLUB!

    Ok,since every1 that i know has a fan-club,i decided to make one for one of my best buddies that dun have ^-^ Notice:I messed the tittle,sorry kersha :( Feel free to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEMBERS...
  18. Obscured fire

    Axel or Demyx? (Fan-girls only)

    Ok,this one is for fan-girls,so who do you think that is the best? Axel or Demyx??? I like most Axel,cause he is love:P Demyx is ok,but for me Axel is the best^-^
  19. Obscured fire

    Chrono Crusade

    Ok,does anyone here have ever heard of Chrono(or Chrno)Crusade??I think that it is a really good anime,in both storyline and design.Well if you don't know it,just check this one: YouTube - Chrono Crusade Official Videogame Promo Don't mind that it is posted for the video game,it is shows the...
  20. Obscured fire

    Kadaj,Loz,Yazoo and...lil lost bro Riku???!!

    Ok,i have heard many weird things,but i think that this one has broken the record,well,i heard that Riku,has some short of connection with Kadaj and his gang(for those who might doesn't know,they are the villains from ff:ac) well,i think that it is STUPID!!!!!!Riku has nothing to do with...