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  1. Saken

    About the KH2.5 Secret Ending

    7F-M9Gafpdk Notice how Braig, and we know this isn't Xigbar as it's when all the apprentices returned to their human forms, says "Lord Xemnas" is nowhere to be seen... I didn't really think about this before, but doesn't it strike you as odd that he's calling him Xemnas still? Is he referring...
  2. Saken

    Trailer Analysis

    Now, as most people have been gawking at the new gameplay presented, I have been analyzing what I thought initially had no significance. We have been given an animated representation of the teaser we received last year, which was in Japanese voices only, and confirmed to be part of the opening...
  3. Saken

    Discovered this website

    X-Blade! I don't know how long its been around but I like it :D Picture is really rough but i thought with the KH3 announcement and all i'll just leave it here Here's one of Hercules
  4. Saken

    Mysterious Figure

    I know this may seem like a stupid question (seeing as Nomura has answered it in some interview, forgot which one) but can we really be sure that the Mysterious Figure we fight in BBS is Young Xehanort that we fight at the end of KH3D? I'm saying this because while Young Xehanort does use most...
  5. Saken

    Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

    There is something strange about him. This one inside Riku (Riku's final boss, who wears MX's outift) and the one gathered at the throne room (wearing the cloak) strike me as two different people. One of them being good. We kind of see Riku bonding a bit with the Ansem inside him before the...
  6. Saken

    A hint?

    Yeh i'm posting this again, i already posted it in the VA discussion sticky, but i don't really want it to go under the radar. Discuss. He must know something.
  7. Saken

    KH Stream

    Link: http://justin.tv/theonegaron Right, so recently i got a new computer capable of handling the requirements for pcsx2 to run KH in 6x native res (which is in HD) So, I was thinking of streaming Re:CoM and KH2FM+ whenever i play them on justintv or ustream, however i'm not sure as to which...
  8. Saken


    Do you lose all your SP in the Avatar Sector? I died and lost all my SP on the 100th floor. I was very close to crushing my DS It took more than 6 hours to do. Why Nomura, why?
  9. Saken

    BBSV2 is closer than we think...

    Right, in a few threads i have seen A LOT of people go for the idea that KH3D will be released before BBSV2. Well... I believe that BBSV2 has been in development for a while now... My main argument, if you recall E3 2010, Square Enix confirmed that there would be Kingdom Hearts at the event...
  10. Saken

    Just thought i'd mention...

    That the keyblade you get from MF is called No Name, and this Xemnas look-alike is named No Heart (anagram of Xehanort, minus the X, but you probably all know that) Obvious connection? And also heavy references to Xemnas "My name is of no importance" I'm not gonna suggest any theories or...
  11. Saken

    Secret Boss Damaged! (spoilers)

    反幻想聯盟Season3 on Justin.tv Watch he's ONLINE NOW. It seems this LS isn't immune to magic after all.. Well you guys missed it.. He was damaging Van LS with a fire magic (Aqua shoots 3 fireballs at target) and Detonator Square. I'm pretty sure vids on youtube will be up soon, people...
  12. Saken

    one winged angel nad others?

    how do you get a one winged angel card and a ansem and a diamond dust card in soras story??? and ultima donno how to get that... plz help me EDIT: i have been helped thanks everyone MOST CREDIT TO FINAL FANTASY :)
  13. Saken


    this book is the best who has read it? i havnt got the second one yet the secong one is Eldest These are really good books you guys should get them and read em
  14. Saken

    Austraian release date

    apparently my friend got a magazine and it says that it is gonna be released on tha 1st of july!!!
  15. Saken


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HQ0ZJZVwPQ&search=Kingdom%20Hearts%202 look at this and you shall see some dumbasses acting out the KH2 song.....ITS A MAN DRESSED A A WOMAN!!!