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    Foxy Shazam!

    So yeah. I've noticed that there's no thread for this band. So I made one. These guys are CRAZY and I love it. Their music is just all so unique and funky and their live shows are some of the best. I just thought I would make a thread for fans to come in and discuss their favorites songs...
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    Rate The Song Above You

    Well I thought since the "Rate The Band" thread was too generalized pretty much on what people thought from a couple songs, I'm deciding to make this thread to hear people's opinions on a certain song by a certain band or artist and not just the band or artist in general. It works just like the...
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    Nostalgic Duos: Team Battle Challenge to Blufire and a few of his friends

    This is a challenge going out to Blufire. Me and my friend Healing Vision are challenging you to a fight. You and however many friends you want against both of us. The battle will go like this: Me and Healing Vision will be on a team against you and your friends. Its two on two, but if one of...
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    Theory about Roxas and Birth by Sleep

    Well yesterday me and my friend <.Yondaime.> were watching the secret ending and making up theories. So we started to talk about how Roxas was there. And we came up with this theory: Well, the game is in the past, which has been confirmed pretty much. But when the Bald guy holds up the short...
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    Rate the Middle name of the person above you.

    The title explains it all, Rate the middle name of the person from 1-10, mostly depending on the uniqueness of the name. I'll start Vincent
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    Ffxii Fc!!!!! ^_^

    This is a fanclub for the awesome new Final Fantasy: FFXII!!!!!!! Here you can discuss FFXII and its characters, plot, music, graphics, and if you need help then some one could probably help you, if you haven't already got the Strategy guide. XD
  7. Z

    Lord of the rings fanclub!

    Ok don't flame me for not knowing another one LoTR club. Well this is a place where the LoTR fans can come, and talk about the movies, and books. Also its not just LoTR it can be any books by J.R.R Tolkien as long as there in Middle Earth. So who wants to join! XD
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    Sasuke Fanclub!

    This is A fanclub for Sasuke (The character) I know alot of you people call him emo and stuff like that,but I think he is a cool character,and I want to see who is fans of sasuke No Haters!
  9. Z

    ~~~((The Sephy-Kun Fanclub!!!))~~~

    No not Sephy from FFVII i'm talking about the user Sephy-kun. This guy what can I say about this guy.Well I will start by saying this guy is a great friend and Loves Kairi and Ollete (But seriously what guy doesn't)Well anyway join this fanclub I made For Sephy-kun
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    ~~~Avatar:The Last Airbender Fanclub~~~

    Anyone like this show i think it is awesome No haters!
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    The -Dawn- Fanclub!

    This is for friends of -Dawn- A.K.A The #1 biggest pie fan ever even though I just met -dawn- from rp'ing he has been a really good friend.So join this club!
  12. Z

    The air clan

    Welcome to the air clan Love air can't get enough of it then join this clan Air clan members Leader:Zexion543 Note:If you want to join this clan then ask herehttp://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=59311
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    Saix fanclub

    come join the Saix fanclub no haters
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    Yazoo fanclub

    Anyone like yazoo anyone can join
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    whats your favorite naruto episode

    my favorite is episode 134
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    alternitive scenes

    are there any alternative scenes in kh2 in kh1 i found 1 of them the first time through i know in kh2 about when seifer wins and when setzer wins but i don't know any others
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    uh im not new but hi

    i never really introduced myself so im zexion543 i like kingdom hearts zexion and sephiroth so uh hi
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    when did you get final form

    i got it at the saix battle
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    sephiroth fan club

    come join the sephiroth fan club
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    did you notice...

    i was watching the secret ending and when the shadowy figure was walking i was looking at his him and you could just kinda se a face it kinda looked like he had gray hair or blond i couldn't really tell