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  1. stephaknee

    This is my first time writing in a while. (Vignette)

    Hai. I wrote something. It's supposed to be very short but it still feels incomplete and I'd like some thoughts/suggestions She felt the vomit bubble through her stomach, an acidic stream of bile and regret erupting through her esophagus. Tears of frustration and confusion and self-pity welled...
  2. stephaknee

    Michigan lawmaker banned from speaking for saying vagina.

    Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown silenced after "What she said was offensive," Callton told The Detroit News. "It was so offensive, I don't even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company." *~*~*~~*~VAGINA~*~~*~*~*~
  3. stephaknee

    Nice Guy Syndrome

    Shakesville: Explainer: What is a "Nice Guy®?" Nice guy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Too lazy to type up my opinions/experiences ATM but I probably will later. Thoughts? Disagreements? Guys, do you see yourself as "the nice guy?" Girls, have you dealt with a male friend like this?
  4. stephaknee


    Terrible source of advice and I probably know more than most of you about SSRI mechanism of action, but gosh this is so much easier than thinking for myself. Basically I need to decide if I wanna be on meds or not (Zoloft). I was on it for about two months, and have been off for about two months...
  5. stephaknee

    Plz help.

    What do I want to drink tonight? I'm bored of whiskey.
  6. stephaknee

    Help/Support ► It's terirbley boring but plz tell me if this abstract makes sense

    I need to make it accessible to reasonably intelligent (inb4 khi bashing) people that don't have a neuroscience or psych background. i'm at disney and a little drunk so I have no idea if it makes any sense at all derppppp. Interactions between Visual Long-Term Memory Retrieval and Visual...
  7. stephaknee

    Victim Blaming: Gang rape of 11 year old girl in Texas

    http://jezebel.com/#!5780022/media-blows-it-with-pathetic-gang-rape-coverage http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/09/us/09assault.html?_r=2&hp Do you think the Times article discussed is slanted? How do you feel about the views of the people interviewed (ie: the girl dressed older than she "should?"...
  8. stephaknee

    Help/Support ► Should I just break up with him?

    I know that by even asking this question, the answer is clearly yes. Essentially, I got a text at 1 AM from a friend saying my boyfriend was currently hooking up with another girl. Boyfriend denies it but admits he was with her and drunk. He has lied to me about this girl before. And that's...
  9. stephaknee

    Summer/Vacation Plans?

    I'm going to Myrtle Beach next month and I am very super excited about it :))) We're driving down, which will be fun (and by we I mean by boyfriend because I can't drive). Share ya plans!
  10. stephaknee

    Seriously, Arizona?

    Will others follow Arizona's lead on immigration? - CNN.com I suspect some interesting stories of police harassment on Latinos in the near future.
  11. stephaknee

    No Fake Breasts for "Pirates."

    Disney Bans Fake Boobs from Pirates - Fake Boobs - Gawker Posted it here instead of Media because I hope the discussion broadens past this one incident. Do you agree? Do you think this will catch on? Think it's funny that even though no fake tits are allowed, they still demand a size 4-6 for a...
  12. stephaknee


    Is there anyone following a diet? I recently started a low carb (no refined carbs at all) high protein/fat diet and I'm already seeing a positive change in my energy levels. The only part that's got me upset is giving up white rice and pasta. ;[
  13. stephaknee

    Post Your Voice (with video!)

    LPOrTd9EpLI Your turn! (lol @ my face before the video plays)
  14. stephaknee

    The Bonobo

    Susan Savage-Rumbaugh on apes | Video on TED.com I think bonobos are pretty cool (and impressive). Whole video is worth a watch. A quote from someone who commented that I thought was interesting: And the wiki page: Bonobo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. stephaknee

    Antisocial Personality Disorder.

    A good chuck of criminal's are currently diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (wiki). And while I'm not technically supposed to reproduce these, I can't find a source you don't have to pay to see, here's a graph my professor put together to show the correlation between gray matter in...
  16. stephaknee


    What are you currently studying/aspiring to be? Or, if you're still in high school + under, what do you plan on studying? Right now I'm double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with a minor in Biology. I am currently on the fence about what I want to do after graduation. For now, it's...
  17. stephaknee


    So, does anyone else on KHI dance? I've done lyrical jazz since I was younger. I stopped for a few years but I'm taking a 1 credit class next semester that I'm really looking forward to!
  18. stephaknee

    Street Harassment

    This issue sparked some controversy on a few blogs I read, so I thought I'd bring it to the KHI community. Just for curiosity's sake, can you post your gender, age, ethnicity, and economic background (if you feel comfortable doing so) when you post? (ex: I'm a 19 year old white female living in...
  19. stephaknee

    Post your schedules! (again!)

    Well, it's that time of year again. Only 5 weeks, from this Wednesday, until my first class. So! Post your schedules! The darker puke green color (on M/T/W) is Statistics 2. Dark purple is Japanese (we're required to take two years of a language, and Korean didn't fit my schedule :[ ) Bright...
  20. stephaknee

    nikon vs. canon

    yes, I know, there are other brands out there but nikon and canon definitely dominate the market. While both companies produce similar cameras, which do you prefer? I'm a canon girl myself, as they're generally cheaper and their lenses have more compatibility than nikons. I've heard nikons tend...