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    Out of curiosity...

    Does anyone even remember me here? Or have I been away that long again?
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    Sonic Siggy

    I decided to change around my style a bit, and came up with this: CnC?
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    Eeeew, he actually rendered it this time?! Right when I thought it couldn't get worse

    Ok, I rendered this image, which was annoyingly hard, since I couldn't find ANY ANY copy to work with. It's of Lord Loss in the Demonata series if anyone has read it. Anyways, here he is: CnC?
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    Took on a new style

    This is my first animation, so, don't crash down on me... Had to make the best of one sprite sheet and no internet, and this is what I got: CnC?
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    Oh god, another sig, this guy should just kill himself!

    And the answer to that is, I will. Shortly :P But, I think in this one, I've gotten better! Just to let you all know though, this was mostly a test for round edges, and render-background blending, so there isn't a lot of effects in it. Anyways, here is the link to it:
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    It's that time again

    Ok, well, start up your engines. Anyways, here they are: Av: Sig: Begin making fun of me -_- :P Just kidding, but seriously, I could use some pointers. So, C&C?
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    Finally, now this one, you can't say looks bad!

    I only made a sig for this one, it's all I thought was necessary, but, enough talk, here it is: I read up and looked at tutorials like hell to get this far. But, there's always room for improvement, so... C&C? V2: Latest editted version:
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    I'm back!!!

    I'm sure I've been forgotten... *sighs* That's to be expected... Well, than I guess I'll introduce myself for those who don't know me: 1. I'm an X KH crazed fan. I like KH, just not obsessed with it anymore. 2. I love Naruto, a lot... Period. 3. I like comedy movies, than action, romance a...
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    Do you think...

    i was watching this movie on Disney and it shows Goofy and Pete as well as their children PJ and max. I started wondering should they put max and PJ in kingdom Hearts? what do you guys think?
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    The 'Which is worse' game

    Its really simple. All you do is give to questions and ask which is worse. Example: 1st person Which is worse: kingdom hearts 1 kingdom hearts 2 2 person kingdom hearts 1. 2 is much better. simple right? ok ill begin _________________________________ which is worse having more attack but...
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    Twilight Stone

    does any1 know where to get twilight stones? im looking everywhere for them. its getting soooo annoying. i know u need to get it from nobodies but whenever i kill a nobody i get a shard or gem or crystal... no stones.
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    A little help please

    ok all i need to know is how do u beat the cerberus pardox cup with a score of 1300+! i keep trying but cant get it. its1 of the last things on my journal. any suggestions?
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    Xehanorts memory

    don't flame me if this has been discussed b4 but i was fighting Xemnas at the end of the game where u have 2 fight him when he is that bird armor thingey... after u beat him he stands there saying "i need more rage. i need more.... hearts" sora says "Xemnas a heart isn't just anger or hate it's...
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    Scary Movie

    Which Scary Movie do u like the best? me i'd say the 3rd. the 4th was not as funny as the other anyways what do u guys think?
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    Fake KH2FM+?!?!?!

    I went 2 the cd store 2day and guess what i saw? KH2FM+. My heart beated 3 times faster I asked 4 them to give me the game. It only had 1 cd (no surprise from where I am) and I said “on the internet I saw there was 2 cds.” The guys says “No. this only 1 cd.” I had a choice so I said “ok ill...
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    I found out who some of the org. 1 heartless are.

    (Thanks to the KH2 FM+ video clip) I Found out who 4 of the members old names are. In Kingdom Hearts 2 Ansem Report 3 it says: Even, Ienzo, Braig, Dilan, and Elaeus...they have ceased to be human. Ienzo- Zexion Braig- Xigbar Dilan- Xaldin Elaeus- Lexaeus What do you guys think?:thumbup:
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    Signiture picture.

    How do i put 2 sig. pics. i keep trying but only 1 will work. if i try 1 the other will go away. What should i do?:confused:
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    who do u think would win

    Who do u think would win Xehanort's heartless or his nobody? Why? Me i think maybe his nobody because his nobody has the power of all the organization. + he has that super move in the end
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    What do you think i should get?

    I have a choice of getting 1 console. Should i get the xbox 360, wii, or the ps3. I want the wii because they said they might make the kh3 on it. i want the xbox 360 so i can get halo 3 and i want the ps3 because if they dont make kh3 on wii they might make it on the ps3 I don't know what to...
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    Hey did any1 read Everworld? The book is nice. I just didnt get to read the 6th book because i cant find it. Sucks huh?:thumbdown: