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  1. Hokage


    nYfceJhgvRM Bitches suck my dick cause i look like J.K Rowling
  2. Hokage


    fuwa fuwa time, cant fcuk with yui les paul all up in this bitch
  3. Hokage

    I wish I could fuck every girl in the world!

  4. Hokage

    I can sell out Madison Square Garden masturbating.

    I want to throw down your kid and stomp on his testicles, and then you will know what it is like to experience waking up everyday as me. And only then will you feel my pain.”
  5. Hokage

    Whitey Boy and his Blob.

  6. Hokage

    Hey KHI....

    You have just been successfully trolled by Hokage and his network of friends. How does this feel? Let me guess...
  7. Hokage

    So yeah about that virus, I guess it's time I confessed....

    Alright, everyone knows that virus that's been going around the forums...well I'm the cause. I really didn't expect it to get so out of control though, I even removed the image that I posted which contained the virus but it seems to have been archived by the forums which is resulting in even...
  8. Hokage

    Told you so. (Spoilers)

  9. Hokage

    [BBS SPOILERS] ENTER AT OWN RISK Thank me later.

    Ok, this is what happens guys. Terra loses his memory, resulting in him thinking he is Xenanhort (the same Xenanhort Sora defeats in KH1) So essentially, Xenanhort in KH1 is Terra. Aqua dies at the end of Birth By Sleep, trying to protect Terra from the darkness and subsequently becoming...
  10. Hokage

    Hokage's New Years Recording. Shoutout Galore!

    Hey KHI, this is your token black guy, Hokage, bringing you yet another recording that I did in my spare time just for you to hear my beautiful voice. This recording is pretty much just shoutouts, a look into my real life and my life here on the forums also wishing everyone a Happy New Years! So...
  11. Hokage

    KHI Official "Hokage Shit Talk Fest" "Turning Up the Oven of my Rage"

    What's up KHI, this is Joe, aka Hokage, aka Joekage, giving you this recording I just made, as a means to relieve stress. I pretty much talk shit about certain people I don't like on this forum at the moment, and try to get some of this stuff off my chest. Forgive the low quality and volume and...
  12. Hokage

    Help/Support ► WHY CAN'T I WHITE GIRLS?

    Hey beautiful ladies, this is Hokage coming at you with a request for help in my love life. Now you see, I am a black man.. who is extremely attracted to other races..besides my own. Now, I'm not socially or sexually inexperienced with girls. In high school, I was pretty much with any girl I...
  13. Hokage


    bVOPRCnc8r4 Watching Spongebob at 7 o clock in the morning with my buddy Taylor and my baby Elle while commentating on Skype. Good times, Good times.
  14. Hokage

    The Most Balling Show Ever (#Junes Podcast)

    Sup KHI, this is Hokage aka. Jose Amor, Joe Love, Official Black dude of KHI. Me and my buddy Ric ( The Big Lovin/AdmiralAdobo) have been toying around with the idea for a podcast featuring the best of #junes and we decided to get this shit started off right. We're still in the works of getting...
  15. Hokage

    Kicking it in the Taint "A Michael Jackson Story"

    Hey guys, posting this before I hit the sheets. For your viewing pleasure... Jalopnik - Repo Man Recovering Delorean Kicked In Taint By Michael Jackson Impersonator - Delorean DMC-10
  16. Hokage

    /fit/ does not approve

    Big Guts Discussion Forum - Powered by Bigguts Have Fun. Also, OATZ AND SQUATZ TILL THE DAY I FUCKING DIE.
  17. Hokage

    Popeye's Freakout. We ran out of fucking Chicken..awww shit

    8pyW6w5B7Aw Black people + lack of good cheap chicken = a mothafucking freakout
  18. Hokage

    Sup KHI, It's MothaFucking Interview Time 4/2/2009 {Chris a.k.a. TheMuffinMan}

    Sup KHI, this is Hokage reporting in as your favorite Kingdom Hearts negro and this week I'm interviewing a very good friend of mine and administrator of these very forums, TheMuffinMan also known as Chris by people that are cool, wise and overall awesome..unlike you people. But I disgress...
  19. Hokage

    Is it just me or do these graphics really suck?

    Okay, I know you rabid fans are probably going to bitch about this, but I have to point this out. Was browsing N4G.com and came across this video of Days. Just got a DS so I'm actually excited for this game, but man oh man, what the hell is up with the graphics? Some aspects of the graphics are...
  20. Hokage

    So I'm getting my DS in a few days...

    I need the best option for a flashcard so I can get some games and shit. Also, if any of you faggots have some good ideas for games I should download in preparation for my new DS, I'd very much appreciate it, I will be picking up Pokemon Platinum, as I've already preordered and payed it off...