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    I never knew you were...

    Im bored so i started to do this. Its a Work in progress and I dont know what i do with it. I need help coz its kinda..bland. V1 v2 (the only difference between the two is that one of them has the c4d.) EDIT: v2 (B and W) v2 (edited)
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    Need some CnC here.

    Wow. Code Gayass Can i haz some CnC plz? :3 KThxBai EDIT: Cropped, Blurred and darkened version.
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    The ETA Uno/Hr Grafix Fanclub

    (Banner by Kas) Yup ^^ This is the FC for the New Sig shop in town, The ETA Uno/Hr Grafix! And it is also for it's maker, Kasrinok. Man you're the best! ^^ AND IT IS ALSO THE PLACE FOR SPAMMAGE! SO COME AND JOIN NOW! :D Members: Beastly, coz he wants to be up here Artistry of Schedius or...
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    I drew something new. *Critics are welcome**No flaming*

    hey guys , i just got back to drawing last night and i drew an original character(i think...)here it is anyway http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/xX_Roxas_Xx/myorgcharacter-1.jpg*nervous laugh*sorry if the picture is a bit hard to see.i forgot to use HB2 pencil. Critics are still welcome...
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    More artwork

    Hiya everyone.Sorry about my stubborness from my previous thread...Critiques and comments are welcome and this time i'll take this seriously. Okay back to topic..At school my friend asked my to Draw a simplified version of Darth Vader(coz he is obsessed with star wars) So what do you think of...
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    My Second Attempt at Drawing Roxas

    Hello everybody!This is my first thread so please bare with me. The title says what this is about. So what do you guys think of this? Link to picture: http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm96/xX_Roxas_Xx/TTstation.jpg