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    My issue with the ending

    Ill just preface this by saying this i love this game to death, but I have a huge problem with the ending. The problem is that Nomura needed to make a decision, at least for the time being, that sora Sora is dead. If thats the route he decided to take, then it should be a bitter sweet ending...
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    i thought i had something

    then i looked at it 2 mins later NOPE.not so sure about it
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    KH III will use Luminous Engine

    French interview translated by Sol (Ehres). ---x--- After the Agni's Philosophy presentation given by Julien Merceron (world tech director at Square Enix) – which gathered a huge crowd at Japan Expo – we were able to ask Merceron about his important responsibilities at the Japanese company. We...
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    OLD vs NEW

    thought it was interesting to see how much progress youve made since you started tagging oldest one found (date: 2009) my tags basically consisted of brushes(as background)+text+render most recent what about you?
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    Watch_Dogs 2

    this looks like an open world Deus ex,which is an insta-buy for me YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT xU7WGAJPRRw
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    entering with this cnc?
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    wub wub wub wub

    no.not dubstep undecided on which ones bettur ;0
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    Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video

    nsjDnYxJ0bo&feature=player_embedded#movie_player KMA23JJ1M1o&feature=player_embedded gizmodo This is all very interesting, i can't wait to see how it advances in the future
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    The idea was to make two different tags and blend them how'd it turn out? :>
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    Unlimited Graphic Detail.......*GASP*

    i thought this deserved a thread 00gAbgBu8R4&feature=player_embedded i am really happy to know about this but worried at the same time about the reliability of it(since i never heard of this company and for it to do such a major breakthrough).
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    P-L-E-A-S-E *don't* ENTER

    so who can prove himself as the ultimate fag of them all? Theme:CMYK (a little challenging) Size:anything under 1000x1000 Due date:July 25th
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    YouTube Redesign

    i dunno if anyone missed this CosmicPanda it's awesome
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    Film ► Pixar's Brave

    Sounds like another promising title for Pixar (as always)
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    SFX: SHWING~ Without Text
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    i considered getting it into the SOTW so i made this what do you think?
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    Swiggity swag

    i think i like this outcome better than my SOTW entry~ CnC
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    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood MOVIE trailer

    Official site *click the thumbnail picture to view the trailer* SOURCE Real Bummer,i thought the movie would take after the final episode of Brotherhood
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    Darth Vader vs HITLER

    AFA-rOls8YA YYyyYYYyYYeeeeeaaaAAAAHHHH
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    MIKEH is the SWAG