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    was kingdom hearts 2 a let down compaired to kingdom hearts?

    I hope this is the correct place to put this... Hello there readers, I do not mean this to be a flame thread or to get flamed so please, if you have an intelligent thought then please share it. But if you just want to write “0mg lyk u sux kh2 iz theh4x” then please, take it somewhere else...
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    Space Pirates arr (lit)

    yah the title sounds stupid...thanks for looking. ^_^ welcome, before I get too much into this just letting you know Im only looking for 3 or 4 people, so its first come first serve. sorry. Since there are new rules (from morphis and all) I am expecting you to be literate (meaning at least one...
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    Exodus II (come join)

    Exodus II (we have started yo) Exodus II [edit as of June 19th] we didnt get many people new to join, so if you would like to join late-PM me and I can help you jump in. ^__^ Orig. exodus by Tobuoi - thanks for a great Role play Hey thanks for looking at my thread! If you have been roleplaying...
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    Hot Gimmick

    Well Im here to ask you if you have read the manga Hot Gimmick and what you thought about it. It is personaly one of my faveorite manga and I cant wait for volume 10 to come out. So if you have read the series tell me who you like best, fave couple what volume you have read to (so I dont spoil...
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    FFX Original[literate]

    I'm looking to start and original FFX RPG. Fallowing a similar story line, except no one from another time. We will need a high summoner (male or female) some bad guys (how ever you feel is best) and maybe a Maester or two ^_< and of course guardians! Rules: No god moding/power playing if you...
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    Lolita Family

    Hey there, I'm looking to make an RP for a lolita family, for those of you who dont know what lolita is it is Japanese gothic elegance. Proper and beautiful. If you have more questions regarding lolita PM me. Positions (we will start when we have 6) Mom-open dad-open (we need atleast one parent)...
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    KH yaoi/romance rp search

    looking to start a romance that may contain yaoi/shonen-ai rp for kingdom hearts. trying to keep it fairly small so its not to confusing. parts Sora- Naiyo (me) Riku- leonrocks Eikre oc taken Sinara oc taken all other open ((for origional characters please list name, age, apearance, sex...
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    who bothered you?

    what kh character really just drove you nuts? for me it was donald and goofy and RIKU. I know there are tons of fangirls and im gunna get mobed and shot but riku really bothered me. He was really anoying and just a plain ass. well you know my point, who did you really hate?
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    Just wondering how many have cosplayed before? Im planing on going as Sora halloween town. any sugestions?