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  1. Birthday Thunder


    Can aqua obtain the warp command? I'm doing a level 1 critical mode run-through with her and I'm at the colosseum doing the match fighting. If she cannot obtain warp, is there a good strategy for her to clear all of the rounds within the time limit?
  2. Birthday Thunder

    Lv. 1 Critical Mode Colosseum Help

    So I'm playing as terra on level 1 critical mode, and I'm stuck at the olympus colosseum doing the fighting rounds. I'm completely fine until I get to the round with all of the boot unversed and my magnegas, ignites and other attacks just cant bring them down in time for me to get through this...
  3. Birthday Thunder

    Does the new mirage arena map have a boss?

    Just wondering, but I saw that we got a new mirage arena map located in the keyblade graveyard. Does anyone know if it has a boss? You know, like how the other maps do.