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  1. Sora341

    Hello all!

    I was off this site for a few years... But have come back I would love to talk. Send me a message!
  2. Sora341

    Fanfiction ► For all Christians who love Kingdom Hearts - Chapter 3 added (The Truth of Love)

    To any that love The Lord Jesus Christ, May find this written version of Kingdom Hearts to be a good, wholesome, Christ-honoring entertainment. Looking for criticisms and comments, including and hoping for grammatical corrections and sentence, paragraph, wording improvements. Send me a...
  3. Sora341

    Is the seeker of Darkness series over?

    I have heard before that the seeker of darkness series ended with Kingdom Hearts 3. Is this true?
  4. Sora341

    Advice/Help ► To all Christians who enjoy Kingdom Hearts

    To any that love The Lord Jesus Christ, May find my written version of Kingdom Hearts to be a good, wholesome, Christ-honoring entertainment. Looking for criticisms and comments. Send me a message! Thanks, and God bless!
  5. Sora341

    The Future

    What are some things you would like to see, in Kingdom Hearts 3?
  6. Sora341

    True or false?

    So in CoM, Ansem appears to Riku a number of times. At one point Riku actually defeats Lexaeus while in dark mode. And when he speaks, his voice is overlaid with Ansem SoD. Also Riku is shown shrouded in darkness, and Riku claims that darkness that foul could only be Ansem.. But in the end of...
  7. Sora341

    Something deeper...

    So there are many resemblances of Riku and Xehanort, and those directly connected to him. Putting aside that they both have grey hair, there are many other factors that I have noticed. Remember in the first Kingdom Hearts, when you fought Riku on Destiny Islands, and he would stand there...
  8. Sora341

    I need direction!

    So, I'm looking for a place on KH insider that only holds conversation of Kingdom Hearts. To be more specific, I'm looking for a place where I can discuss the in depth parts of the game series. Your guidance will be appreciated!
  9. Sora341

    The wisest villan of all?

    Who would you say, is the wisest antagonist of all stories? I would have to say Xehanort... But maybe i'm just a bit partial to KH. Thoughts please!
  10. Sora341

    The cast

    Who is your favorite Kingdom Hearts Character? And why? Also, list your favorite quote by that character. As for me, it is Sora. There are so many things that he says that always strike a chord in my heart but... My favorite is when he says... "The heart may be weak, and sometimes, it may even...
  11. Sora341

    Kingdom Hearts Chi

    Can I play KH Chi in english? If so, how?
  12. Sora341

    The king

    When Mickey left disney castle... His letter stated that Donald and Goofy must find the "Key." How did Mickey know that there would be someone with a key? He also refers to the person with the key as "Him." SO did Mickey know Sora would be a keyblade wielder, before Sora did? Or was it Riku...
  13. Sora341

    All I can say is...

    I love Kingdom Hearts. Which is why I joined this site. I sincerely hope everyone else does Is it weird, that I have Kingdom Hearts soundtracks in my head every day, or, that I think about the series daily?
  14. Sora341

    KHI ending?

    So we know that Sora wanted to look for Riku and the king at the end of Kingdom Hearts One. Knowing that they are in the realm of darkness, why would Sora attempt to look for the door to light, at the very emdimg of KHI?
  15. Sora341

    Princess of the Sea

    The new girl was quiet, and sometimes shy. Her eyes were a deep shade of blue, which displayed her emotions sharply. She did not speak very often, at least for the first few weeks. She was quick to smile, and easy to make laugh, which he tried to do often. She was very kind, never speaking or...
  16. Sora341

    Questions. Serious Questions

    Here are some questions that are bothering me, please help me understand According to yen sid, the x-blade shattered and the seven pieces of light intertwined with the children who rebuilt the worlds, making them princesses of heart. how can kairi possibly be a princess of heart? The keyblade...
  17. Sora341

    How many of you feel this way about KH?

    How many of you grew up playing Kingdom Hearts? How many of you, like me, were fascinated by the wonderful story line, the characters that never failed to surprise you, and how they rest in your heart until this very day? I first played Kingdom Hearts when I was a small child. I instantly loved...