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  1. EyeOfDiscovery

    Lea's Best Scene (English)

    Lea gets a Keyblade (English) [HD] - YouTube For anyone interested to see Lea materialize his Keyblade - This is the English one. The first upload on YouTube of the English version of this scene (Yay for me)
  2. EyeOfDiscovery


    I just noticed while replaying KH1.. You can clearly see Snow White held in a chamber in Hollow Bastion.. I haven't seen the ending of each princess in Birth By Sleep but is this because Snow White was held captive over ten years by Maleficant.. Or was Snow White and the other princess'...
  3. EyeOfDiscovery

    Ha, told you so.. Well done WarpChaos

    WarpChaos told you so. But noooo if it's not YOUR theory it's wrong. Even if the reason wasn't right, he was still right that Ven's Heart/Soul was put in Sora. This is the part I hate about this forum. Good theories are trashed because the people that post them are new.
  4. EyeOfDiscovery

    WarpChaos' Theory

    I read WarpChaos' theory recently. I feel at this forum people are not in a position to say someones theories are impossible, especially after my experience of being 100% right about a theory when it was deemed impossible and battered for it. People said there were many holes in WarpChaos'...
  5. EyeOfDiscovery

    Ansem/Xemnas Blah

    I've been confused about this before.. Someones explained and I vaugley understood.. But I've lost it again All these Ansems and Xemnas and Xehanorts confuse me.. I think this is how it is but I need correcting Ansem The Wise was the one who originally studied about the darkness? Later he...
  6. EyeOfDiscovery


    This is going to be a strange and petty thread.. But pronounciations always bug me.. Scone/Scon. Master Erauqs.. I myself pronounce this as Master Ray-Kuu.. How do you pronounce this? My other "Inspectthetextandsaythesyllables" version would be "Err-ay-ku" Any ideas?
  7. EyeOfDiscovery

    Typical Rankings

    I know this may seem a bit low class.. But looking at the scans of Terra, Aqua and Ven in their armour makes me think that theres ranking in there somewhere.. I get the point about the Masters Qualification Exam.. But to me it looks like Terra is Gold, Aqua is Silver, and Ven is Bronze...
  8. EyeOfDiscovery

    Can someone clear this up for me?

    I've always been a bit confused with some of the characters.. I'll put what I think and can someone clear this out for me? Maybe explain it to me in a bit of detail.. Ansem (The wise) = DiZ (From when he walked in darkness and didnt give in?) Ansem (Evil bitch) = Xehanort's Heartless really...
  9. EyeOfDiscovery

    Nobodies deaths

    I was just thinking.. When Nobodies die (Like Org XIII) we see them 'evaporate' or however you'd like to describe the disappearance.. How do we know they've gone? Nomura wants to keep this series going for as long as he can I assume.. So what's to say he wont bring back some Org XIII members...
  10. EyeOfDiscovery

    Terra's Second Keyblade?

    I have no idea wether this is a part of Terra shapeshifting his keyblade.. But look at this scan: http://www.khinsider.com/images/NewScans/DisneyTown.jpg Bottom right, Terra is holding a completely different keyblade?
  11. EyeOfDiscovery

    Title Screen

    On the TGS video on the homepage it shows the BBS Title screen.. dya reckon the man in the middle VAT's master?
  12. EyeOfDiscovery


    I was thinking about if everyone in Org XIII has some sort of name or meaning behind their name what Xion's would be.. The only match with a fairly plausible background would be an Ion.. Now in science an explanation of an Ion is: "An ion is an atom or molecule where the total number of...
  13. EyeOfDiscovery

    Help! I can't find it :(

    I've been looking for a while now.. I'm looking for either an animated GIF or video clip.. It's hard to describe.. But it's like this girl in a office photocopying something.. she picks up the paper, turns around and someone in like a snowman costume knocks the paper out of her hand, points to...
  14. EyeOfDiscovery

    Queen Of Heart

    About the Princesses of Heart... In KH1 all the Princesses of Heart's um.. Hearts were used to create the Dark keyblade.. Since all the Princessess of Heart were together at the time, when they all got their hearts back it comes to mind they should each have a nobody - Or in my view one distinct...
  15. EyeOfDiscovery


    :) I wanted to know how people makes Keyblades on the computer.. What kinds of programs do they use? :) Help appreciated :P
  16. EyeOfDiscovery

    Mystery 4th Game

    I have seen loads of sources of information now all popping up about a "Mystery 4th game, announced with BBS, Days and Coded; but no information is being released"... Soo.. Has anybody actually got any information on the 4th game? And btw, don't tell me theres not a fourth game with the new...
  17. EyeOfDiscovery


    I can't remember wether in KH Riku says wether "Sharing" a Paopu fruit means eating it with someone (Like half/half) or just giving one to someone? Cause if it is just giving it to someone I swear I remember Riku passing/throwing one to Sora and he caught it.. :confused: Exsqueeze my blank...
  18. EyeOfDiscovery

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl FC Exchange

    Heya Everyone! Just wanted to make a thread so people wanting to trade, battle or mix records could do so, Basically just post your Character Name and Friend Code (You need to have a Pal Pad to get a friend code, which I will not explain so ask somewhere else.) My info: Name: Rikki FC: 3051...
  19. EyeOfDiscovery


    Me thinks I know how Xion came along.. You know back in KH1 when Kairi's heart was with Sora's.. When Sora stabbed himself the hearts seperated and Kairi's heart went back to her creating Kairi's nobody, Naminé, and Sora's nobody, Roxas.. Who's to say that because their hearts were together at...
  20. EyeOfDiscovery

    2 Nobodies?

    Xion has been said to have connections with Kairi, and been semi-confirmed as a Nobody thats wielding a keyblade.. Because Kairi is a princess of heart and has no darkness in her.. It would make sense to say possibly 2 Nobodies could be made instead of a heartless and a nobody..? Then we could...