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    Who was he ?

    The boy that Riku said he got off Destiny Island ?
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    so what changed

    hey guys its been so long since i last visited this forum i was a regular member but i lost faith somehow in KH so what really did change in bbs last thing i remember is TGS2009 trailer
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    secret ending

    is there a secret ending and if there is how can i get it shoul get all the treasure boxes in all the missions cause thats annoying and why do people here still post (spoiler-may contain spoilers) the game is out it shouldnt be spoilers
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    me customizing my panel

    is this the best i can do in my level Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire edit:i just got the lvl up link its cool
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    New V Jump Scan + Another World Confirmed for Days

    http://item.slide.com/r/1/68/i/5kH6ZgV-7z_xRLewMvACzyrahAV7AZSM/ its weird how roxas is wielding the keyblade or are they 2 keyblades
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    two hearts theory

    my new theory what if a person can have two hearts that would explain a lot : 1.sora has his heart and vens thus creating a special nobdy that has a heart (vens heart is in roxas and soras original heart is in him) 2.kairi has two heart her original and a heart of pure light (i dunno from...
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    who is this ?

    the one under xemnas and xigbar KINGDOM HEARTS WALL SCROLL Poster P336 Game Art XL - eBay (item 120360510484 end time Feb-06-09 16:21:39 PST) dont say roxas cause he dont look like him
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    keyblades names meanings

    this is a theory i made about the keyblades names (...kinda stupid) kingdom key : kingdom hearts created this key (1st key) soul eater : maybe if a heart was stapped with this keyblade it creates a special nobody way to dawn : if a keyblade wielder chooses the path of the in between his...
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    1 little question

    when im on the forums offline i enter a thread and it shows me the 1st page but when i enter with my name it shows me the last page how can i make it on page 1 when im signed in
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    xion birth

    in the ne v jump scans saix says namine was in the old mansion does that mean she was born in the mansion (when sora was sleeping in the pod) thoughts
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    enough stuped theories

    im tired of the xion=kairi=aqua=VAT=SRK enough of these theories lets make a new theories about somthing new like who is the master of VAT or masters maybe how did VAT master made the keyblade or was he an apprentice too what maleficent role in the kh series what will hapen in the future...
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    help buing a ps3 game

    what should i buy fiest cause i cant buy them all in one time the * = importance
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    2 theories in 1 thread

    i was reading the secret ansem reports the 49th time ... on kh wiki and i noticed something in the 13th report what if the connection of VAT is not with SRK instead its with RAN ??? the second theory is 30% believable : if there are 7 princesses of pure light maybe there is 7 male princes...
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    hole new stupid theory

    so these days all theories are about xion \ ven =sora ...etc.. so im gonna put a hole newtheory this time but its kinda a crazy theory what if king mickey and riku was in the organization ??? that will explain the black coats and mickey being in trevers town the same time as sora ???:wub:
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    the thinking of tetsuya

    what was tetsuya thinking when he made kh 1 in DI when sora was in the cave and a strange man came to him who was that man .. did tetsuya planned to put him in a plot in coded from 2004????
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    [spoilers] Coliseum Footage !! WITH TRANSLATIONS !!

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Coded Video 2 bittermeat says: Here's translations of the video, enjoy.
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    fresh new theory about DS

    sorry fo to much threads but hear this out in kh bbs trailer MX says "those that submit to darkness are not qualified to wield the key blade already that man = ds is a monster infused with darkness use your power = ven to defeat the darkness and correct my mistakes = i think teaching a man...
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    little theory please read

    in kh2 fm+ in the fight with terra he says are you the one i chose then he says no your not does terra means riku cause terra=riku theroy and then terra says are you xehanort ????? why didnt he say master xehanort??
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    masters learns thier apprentices

    so since the masters learns thier apprentices how to wiel a keyblade does that mean MX learned DS to use a keyblade cause sorta ds = apprentice of MX
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    xion the xivth (14)

    do you guys think that some of the reasons nomura added xion the 14th to kh is to secretly announce ff 14 ????